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Rachy Friedlander, Somatic Coach

Coach, Emotions Master Coach/TEB Practitioner

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Rachy Friedlander, Somatic Coach
The real flex is how many wounds you can turn into wisdom.

Rachy Friedlander, Somatic Coach's style

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Why Rachy Friedlander, Somatic Coach chose to be in the helping profession

I have embraced a career in the helping profession because it resonates deeply with my passion and aligns with my authentic self. Rather than viewing it as a job, it feels like a personal mission to assist others in realizing their true selves. Transitioning from a challenging period in my life to one filled with genuine illumination has instilled in me a profound sense of purpose – to illuminate the path for those navigating their own darkness.

My journey from profound darkness to genuine radiance has opened me to my light, which I now want to shine onto others, until they find their own. Each of us has light inside, as well as joy, freedom, peace and love. But we can't access it when we're covered in wounds and trauma and we're operating under so much stress. Drawing from my own experiences, I am dedicated to supporting individuals as they navigate their unique struggles and journey to self-discovery. The transformative process of healing facilitates the emergence of our authentic selves, allowing us to grow into the full expression of our uniqueness.

Have you successfully emerged from your own darkness, sculpting a life that beautifully mirrors your distinctive strengths and individuality?

Rachy Friedlander, Somatic Coach's approach

My coaching approach is deeply influenced by my exploration of emotional healing through the spiritual lenses of Kabbalah and Chassidus. Each session is approached intuitively, drawing from a diverse toolbox that includes modalities such as psychodrama, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Transforming Touch, meditation, Breathwork, yoga, and more. My fundamental belief is rooted in the conviction that every individual is inherently whole and possesses an innate capacity for healing. Although obscured by layers of trauma, wounds, and negative beliefs, this intrinsic wholeness can be accessed, and it is my role to guide clients toward the space of clear divine consciousness.

Recognizing that our bodies somatically retain traumas and fears, I guide clients through inner work to facilitate a transformative shift toward the possibilities of wholeness. Witnessing the emergence of hope and faith after each session is a source of profound fulfillment for me. I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to this transformative journey.

What you can expect from sessions with Rachy Friedlander, Somatic Coach

In our sessions, the process is a somatic approach, encouraging a deep connection with our body and nervous system. Merely discussing challenges is insufficient; we delve into identifying where these challenges manifest in our bodies. Locating the specific areas of constriction becomes a gateway to engaging in a dialogue with those parts, thereby gaining an understanding of what our parts are holding onto. We do this by employing approaches like IFS (Internal Family Systems) or psychodrama focused on inner child work.

As we uncover the beliefs we have constructed and their impact, we bring them to awareness and integrate the adult to reprogram these beliefs. This process is sometimes complemented with Transforming Touch sessions, where I provide direct hands-on support to the client's body on the table. Throughout our sessions, I pose numerous questions to facilitate an honest exploration of the client's reality.

Creating a space of safety and comfort is paramount, allowing clients to explore their deepest traumas with a sense of security. The commitment to staying present with their inner child is transformative, often leading to life-changing shifts for the adult part of the client. The sessions are dynamic, and within this space, anything can unfold. Clients express gratitude for the opportunity to navigate their journey with a renewed sense of safety and commitment.

Rachy Friedlander, Somatic Coach's experience working with the Jewish community

A significant portion of my clientele comes from the Jewish community, encompassing diverse walks of life, varying levels of adherence to Judaism, and different religious backgrounds. It's intriguing to observe how distinct communities exhibit unique patterns of trauma. Drawing from my personal journey of transitioning from a more restricted lifestyle to a more open-minded community, I've found that this background has uniquely equipped me to be particularly effective in assisting individuals within the ultra-orthodox community.

Navigating the intricacies of abstract concepts such as the soul, relationships, and love, within religion, can be challenging, and I've found that I can provide valuable support by offering a more practical and accessible understanding of concepts such as Gd (God) and Torah. For clients grappling with these profound ideas, I strive to facilitate a space where they can explore these spiritual aspects in a way that resonates with their personal journey. My ability to bridge the gap between different religious perspectives has proven beneficial in fostering a sense of understanding and acceptance for clients from varying backgrounds within the Jewish community.

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Languages spoken

English Yiddish

People I work with

Children (6-12) Adolescents (13-18) Adults Individuals Couples

Personal religious affiliations

Frum open minded

Jewish community experience


Where people can see me in person


41 Bradhurst Avenue, Lakewood, New Jersey

2 years in practice


  • Journeys by Brandon Bays 2021


  • TEB - Transforming Touch by Dr. Stephen Terrel 2023

Average costs per session

$180 - $325

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Zelle Quick Pay
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  • PayPal

What my clients have to say about working with me:

  • Hi. Rachy Just want to share It is easier for me to write it then say it personally so I will express my feelings on here instead. Thank you for all you do for me and did for me and have in store to do for me You are recreating me I am a new person after each session Every penny spent was the best investment I ever made. You should also feel great from all your achievements. I know you know it better then me but I still owe it to you to say it and thank you and appreciate it.

  • Here are some tidbits I wanted to share with you. We are now just only after session #6, when we first met you told me about some of the things you do, to be very honest, I was thinking to myself if I achieve only a small percentage of all you say you work on it's worth giving it a try, I did not believe that I would really achieve much of it. Or even if would it will be a long time before I will see it happen. However little did I know that not only did I see changes happen, but the transformation was from week to week to levels I could never imagine I can reach, or would ever achieve, we are steadily and constantly reaching new goals, learning new skills, how to bring out the strength and forces we posses, and use them in the best and right way, finding the path out of so much clutter, getting so much more focused, and guiding me to a path I have never walked before, you give me strength, energy, clarity, on how to use the tools we poses so I can reclaim my own lost self, and find light and wisdom in navigating in the stormy waters and harsh elements that we always face, without fear or guilt or shame or anything that robs us from our own personality, you are amazing in sorting things out and putting closures to things that need to be put aside, a master in showing us all the good and beauty that's available for us to choose and making better choices. You awaken in me so many lost treasures and gifts that have been covered in dust and not been able to see how they are right there for you to tap into them.

  • Thanks, loads for your time today and for your exceptional and expert way of organizing my messy closet and placing all in the most beautiful place. Each time we meet I am wowed at what you do. When I saw you taking all those papers out and setting it up, I said to myself okay here comes something funny. And was thinking how in the world can you possibly make such huge problems on hand causing me so much frustrations all disappear in a hours time. I am pretty sure that I am far from a fool, so what do you know about my issues on hand that I don't, and how can you possibly sort it all out for me ?????. Well, you proved me wrong in almost no time. I see it's not necessarily experience that you need at what you do to stay focused and on track. Staying focused is a skill for itself regardless of what's on hand. You need a seat belt to keep you in place even when the car stops suddenly, and good GPS to get you out of a jam. I am really amazed at your exceptional skills and mind frame and even more how you are so well in giving it over to another individual. It's one thing to own these values, but it way harder to plant them into another brain and body and doing it so amazingly that it fits like a glove and so simple to understand. May Hashem share with you more and more wells of chochma and the wisdom of how to help others with your amazing skills and tools. And I bless you should always see berocha and hatzlocha in all your endeavors,

  • i’m sitting in my car feeling so relieved and while the tears of relief and calm envelope my body and heart. I actually feel the truth. the truth of what a good person i am. a good mother. i am me and i accept me exactly where i’m now in this very moment. i’m constantly here to remind myself that i am loved. accepting myself is actually the greatest gift i can give my children. when i accept and love myself,connection becomes available in such a beautiful real way.every moment again it’s another opportunity to practice the self love i so deserve. the self love that warms my heart and soul! the self love that feels so godly. my heart expands. and i allow my children in -to feel that pure love. it is indeed the greatest gift i am giving them. every moment it’s another opportunity. it’s not all or nothing. even if i forget a moment or a hour or even a few days it’s ok. when i’m in sadness and darkness i don’t run. because i am self accepting of that too. when i spend quality time with my kids, it may be easier to remember the truth of how loved i am. especially in my moments when i’m feeling disconnected -i can practice and remember the truth of who i am. i am loved. i am loved by god by the universe. i am loved by me for who i am and not for what i do. i don’t need to perform to earn the self love. i am love. so full of it. removing the beliefs around conditioned love. noticing what a lie it is. i love you miri. i accept you all the time. every moment is opportunity to practice the love i have inside of me. it’s a very special gift. i cherish me. 😘😘


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