OKclarity Verification Guidelines

At OKclarity, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring the quality of the professionals you find on our website. The majority of these professionals are verified, while a select few are unverified.

It is important that you understand the difference between verified and unverified professionals, so you can make an informed decision when reaching out to and working with them.

Verified Professionals: You can easily identify verified professionals by the blue "verified" box next to their name on their profile. This signifies that they meet all the following criteria:

  • They have been interviewed by the OKclarity team.
  • They are engaged in ongoing supervision, consultation, or training.
  • If their profession requires a license, we have verified that they possess one, and it's in good standing.
  • They consistently maintain their monthly membership payment.

Unverified Professionals: If a professional's page does not display the blue "verified" box next to their name, it means they are unverified. This indicates that they do not meet one or more of the verification criteria mentioned above.

We strongly encourage you to conduct your own research before deciding to work with any professional you find on our platform, whether they are verified or unverified.

We understand that no system is perfect so we encourage your feedback as a community member or user of this platform. If you have insights or experiences (positive, negative, or somewhere in between) to share about a specific professional, whether they are verified or unverified on OKclarity, please use this form. Your feedback will remain anonymous.

What is the difference between Non-Verified and Verified Testimonials?

Non-verified testimonials, testimonial statements without the verified check box icon, are added directly by professionals based on what their clients have shared with them. Since these testimonials were not directly processed through OKclarity independent of a third party, we have no concrete way of verifying them.

By contrast, verified testimonials are endorsements gathered directly by the OKclarity team from clients.

How does this work? After a client connects with a professional found on the platform, we independently reach out to them, inquiring about their satisfaction. If they confirm a positive experience and willingly provide a testimonial, we seek permission to share it anonymously. These testimonials are added to the provider's page as Verified Testimonials. This process ensures a higher level of quality assurance as it's based on direct client feedback, enhancing trust and credibility.

Please note that this feature is newly introduced as of December 2023. Consequently, most professional profiles will not have an extensive collection of both verified and non-verified testimonials in the immediate future.

Moreover, it's important to acknowledge that not all clients choose to provide feedback, even if they are satisfied with their experience. Therefore, we kindly encourage you to share your feedback. Your contribution can greatly benefit both professionals and potential clients in evaluating the quality of services.

On a related note, we recommend that you do not let the absence of testimonials discourage you from connecting with a professional who otherwise appears to be a great fit for your needs. Many outstanding professionals may not have received testimonials for a multitude of reasons, one being the recent introduction of this feature.

Thank you for entrusting us with your wellness journey. We appreciate you!

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