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There are beautiful, brave, struggling humans who need you. But they don’t know where to find you.

Did you know?

  1. 60% of those looking for health and wellness services begin their search online. (Source: NRC Health)

  2. 70% of people are more likely to choose a health professional that has an online presence (Source: PatientPop).

  3. Mental health & wellness professionals with strong personal brands are more likely to be perceived as experts in their field and command higher fees. (Source: American Psychological Association)

Whether you’re looking to: fill your calendar with your ideal clients, become the go-to authority in your niche, or market your new course, book, or coaching program, building a strong online presence & personal brand is critical to your success.

Yet, too many wellness professionals try to grow their practice the hard way:

  1. Relying on word-of-mouth referrals
    limiting your reach and impact

  2. Dealing with the stress of an inconsistent client flow
    and then settling for clients who aren’t a good fit

  3. Shelling out thousands of dollars on a custom website
    that potential clients will never find

  4. Spending countless hours posting on social media
    struggling to keep up with the ever-elusive algorithm

  5. Feeling overwhelmed in a world of networking & marketing
    ‘cause promoting yourself & your services isn't what you signed up for

What if you could get the results you want
without spending so much time, resources, and energy—leaving you with more time to devote to your family & the work you love?

Say hey to OKclarity.

Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to get seen, increase your impact, and turn your practice into a thriving business.

Your powerful online presence

Create a media-rich, search-optimized online presence that clarifies who you are, what you do best, and who you help—while capturing your unique voice & vibe.

Your exclusive digital hub

Upload unlimited custom content to your web page & promote it to an audience of thousands on our Whatsapp, Instagram, website, and weekly newsletter.

Your 24/7 referral engine

Attract your ideal clients on the only online platform where anyone, anywhere can find top-tier wellness professionals servicing the Jewish community.

And it definitely doesn't stop there!

As an OKclarity professional member, you gain access to a variety of additional tools, perks, and benefits that enhance your visibility and help you get noticed by the people who matter.

Advertising opportunities

Promote your services to an engaged audience through a monthly ad featured on our WhatsApp, Instagram, or Newsletter

Search engine optimization

Our experienced SEO specialists work behind the scenes to boost your online visibility, so you can reach a greater audience.

Featured content promotion

We'll provide topic ideas and feature your videos and articles on our socials and website to drive more traffic to your OKclarity webpage.

Group practice functionality

Add individual OKclarity web pages for all associates in your practice. All referrals they receive will be directed to your practice.


We'll help you strengthen your personal brand and strategically launch and promote your course, book, coaching program, or group practice.

Clients in multiple locations

Licensed in multiple states or regions? Offer virtual coaching? Our platform is built to allow clients to connect with you in all locations you service.

Showcase original content

Upload your unique videos, and articles to your professional page so potential clients get to know and recognize you as the expert that you are.

24/6 VIP

Whether you'd like us to make any changes or need help navigating edits on your own, we're always available to support you, day or night.

Gain credibility. Grow your brand. Harness the power of:

active OKclarity community members and professionals
countries served, including U.S., Israel, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, and more.
referrals made since 2021

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    Showcase your strengths to the (Jewish) world

    We'll ask you to answer a few integral questions about yourself and your work. This will help us craft a powerful, personalized bio that will speak to your ideal clients.

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    Lights, camera, attract your ideal client

    We'll share instructions, guidelines, and a template for you to follow to create a professional intro video that leaves a lasting first impression on your target audience. An introductory video is required and if you are uncomfortable with the whole video thing, have no fear - we offer an audio-only option.

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    Prepare for launch

    We'll give you access to the backend of your OKclarity webpage so you can add your finishing touches. Our team will review your webpage to ensure every detail is perfect before we take it live.

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    Go live, and grow your biz with confidence

    We don’t say goodbye when your site goes live. Our support team is here to help you grow your practice and presence every step of the way. We're committed to your success.

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Monthly and annual memberships are set to auto-renew. There are no refunds but you may cancel anytime by sending an email to [email protected]. Cancellations must be made at least 10 days before the upcoming billing cycle.

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Just 1 client at the average rate of $150 per session weekly will earn you $7,800 in one year.

That's over 14x your initial investment. But our ROI doesn't begin and end with how many clients you get directly via

Here’s an important breakdown of how you need to think about your ROI when joining or any similar marketing endeavor. Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the vetting process work?

The vetting process verifies your professional license and confirms that you are in ongoing supervision, consultation, training, or personal therapy. After you purchase your professional membership, you will receive a short form to fill out via email. The information you provide on the form is confidential.

Does OKclarity take a cut of my income received through this platform?

Never. Referrals received through your personal OKclarity web page and the income they generate are 100% your own.

What is the OKclarity membership cancellation policy?

OKclarity monthly and annual memberships are set to auto-renew. There are no refunds but you may cancel anytime by sending an email to [email protected]. Cancellations must be made at least 10 days before the upcoming billing cycle.

How long does it take to receive new referrals?

The time it takes to receive new referrals can vary based on multiple factors. Some professionals may receive a referral within the first week, while others may wait longer. Our high-end customized value-based services, including search engine optimization, personal bio editing, easy-to-use tools for adding articles and videos, and advertising features, are designed to help you attract your ideal clients and get a quick return on your investment.

Will a professional membership benefit me if my practice is currently full?

Even if your practice is currently full, a professional membership with OKclarity will still benefit you. In today's fast-paced digital world, having an online presence in the Jewish wellness space is crucial. With OKclarity, you can showcase any adjunctive offers you have and add an extra layer of quality assurance to your brand, and have it serve as your primary or secondary website. When you're ready to accept new clients, you can easily change your web page status from "not currently accepting new clients" to "waiting list" or to "currently accepting new clients".

Is this space only for Jewish professionals and/or religious professionals?

Not at all! Some of our most sought-after professionals are not Jewish or religious, but they do have experience working with the Jewish community.

Do I have access to make changes or updates to my website?

Absolutely, YES! We encourage you to update your web page whenever you need. It's super simple to do on your own, but if you’d like, our team can make the updates for you, too.

How much time is required of me?

We designed our onboarding process to break down the initial setup into manageable 15-minute segments, taking approximately an hour in total. Once you're on the platform, we'll handle it all. All that's required from you is to create the content you’d like to share with your audience and to respond to referral inquiries.

Will I still get referrals if I don't want to build my brand or put out content?

Absolutely. You'll receive all referrals as they come in, and we'll always be here to support you when you're ready to start boosting your brand and showcasing your content.

What’s included in the Premium upgrade?

The Premium upgrade is only available for professionals with an established membership on

The Premium features include 12 months of:

  • 4 pieces of featured content per month
  • 12 ad placements ($400/ad included)
  • 1 newsletter feature
  • Highest placement in search results
  • 2 business consultations
  • 1 social media consultation
  • Zoom call support

It’s the perfect package if you’re looking to launch something exciting and want to bolster your marketing campaign, or simply want to stand out from the crowd in more ways than one. Email [email protected] to get started.

Why Orthodox people often choose a frum therapist?

Mental health issues can affect anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or cultural background. However, for Orthodox Jews, the decision to seek therapy carries unique considerations. Finding the right therapist who understands the intricacies of Orthodox Jewish life is crucial for establishing trust, ensuring effective treatment, and ultimately achieving lasting breakthroughs. This article explores the manifold benefits of working with a frum therapist as an Orthodox person and why it should be the preferred choice when seeking mental health treatment.

The Necessity of Cultural Competence Cultural competence refers to a therapist’s ability to understand, appreciate, and interact effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. For Orthodox patients, a therapist without cultural competence will struggle to grasp the nuances of Orthodox Jewish life. From Sabbath observance to issues around tzniut (modesty), an uninformed therapist risks misunderstanding behaviors, making inaccurate assessments, and potentially causing harm. In contrast, a culturally competent frum therapist comprehends the cultural context behind a religious patient’s lifestyle, mindset, and problems. Their familiarity with Orthodox communities breeds sensitivity, helping patients feel truly seen and understood. By removing the need for lengthy explanations about religious practices, more time can be devoted to addressing the actual mental health issues at hand.

Mitigating Stigma and Building Trust Seeking therapy often carries stigma in Orthodox circles. Many erroneously believe struggling with anxiety, depression or other issues reflects weak faith or spiritual failings. Fearing judgment, they avoid vital treatment. A frum therapist helps neutralize stigma through their insider status in Orthodox communities. Their intimate knowledge of religious sensitivities and lifestyles evokes confidence that patients’ religious commitments and reputations will remain protected within therapy sessions.

Likewise, their cultural proximity promotes high levels of patient trust. Research shows positive therapeutic outcomes closely correlate with strong patient-therapist alliances forged by trust. Orthodox patients are more inclined to establish connections with therapists who intimately understand them, share their value system, and create non-judgmental spaces for transparent self-reflection and growth.

Navigating Specific Religious Issues Orthodox life comes with unique stressors unknown to wider society. As insiders, frum therapists recognize trigger points surrounding specific religious practices and expectations. Marital intimacy issues impacted by niddah and mikveh observance serve as one example. Parenting challenges related to transmitting Orthodox ideals across generations represent another.

Religious rituals can also become intertwined with OCD behaviors or scrupulosity driven by excessive anxiety over halachic compliance. Untangling healthy religious observance from emerging pathology requires culturally informed clinical discernment. Attempting to overhaul religious practice outright risks trauma or alienation. Nuanced approaches that refine rather than condemn observance are vital. As natives, frum therapists have the requisite background to guide religious patients through these terrain sensitively and skillfully without compromising religious integrity.

Weaving in Religious Teachings While respecting mainstream therapeutic frameworks, frum therapists can also judiciously integrate Torah concepts into treatment plans when appropriate. Scriptural insights, ethical teachings and spiritual practices may resonate more profoundly coming from within patients’ own theological tradition, helping reinforce positive outcomes. As one illustration, a therapist may find it constructive to explore verses around lashon hara (gossip) when addressing self-esteem issues tied to reputation. Alternatively, stress reduction techniques could involve meditating on Kabbalistic imagery. Such seamless fusion between psychological and theological wisdom enables custom-fitting therapy to religious patients’ needs more meaningfully for transformative healing.

Strengthening Religious Identity Mental turmoil often breeds identity confusion and instability generally. Religious doubt frequently accompanies inner turmoil as well. Through compassionate listening, dedicated frum therapists provide safe spaces for people to process psychological distress along with related crises of religious faith. Their intimate knowledge of Jewish theological responses to suffering helps avoid pat answers while encouraging more nuanced theological perspectives to sustain patients throughout difficulty. By integrating both psychological and spiritual wisdom, frum therapists can help stabilize and strengthen religious identity during turbulent times for grounding transformation.

The Comforts of a Shared World Even under healthy conditions, Orthodox patients may simply feel more comfortable opening up about deeply personal matters with those who intimately share their way of life and worldview. As insiders, frum therapists provide natural seeming extensions of patients' communities that engender feelings of ease similar to confiding in trusted friends. Their innate familiarity with the intricacies of Orthodox culture breeds effortless connection where patients feel free to be themselves and bare their souls without fears of constantly explaining themselves or bracing against judgment over their values and lifestyle.

Accessing Comprehensive Care Given embedding within Orthodox communities themselves, frum therapists frequently liaise with local rabbis, rebbetzins as well as respected teachers and community leaders around patient care. These vital alliances enable surrounding patients with holistic circles of care that back therapeutic breakthroughs with wider spiritual guidance and community support outside the clinic room. Partnerships between frum therapists and trusted communal authorities help dispel lingering stigma around mental healthcare by demonstrating rabbinic sanctioning of and investment in members’ emotional wellness.

Striving to fulfill Torah ideals in modern times presents inevitable challenges that can profoundly impact mental health. Yet simultaneously seeking therapy carries its own hurdles among the Orthodox. Mitigating stigma and ethics around religious cultural competence demand finding therapists who intimately understand Orthodox life from inside. Through profound knowledge of communal landscapes, fluency around halachic intricacies, socially conscious nuance and discretion along with compassionate cultural familiarity, frum therapists provide Orthodox patients the safest, most dignified and effective path for achieving enduring healing.

Fortunately, okClarity is helping bridge this gap by conveniently connecting Orthodox individuals to frum mental health and wellness professionals in their local areas. By facilitating transparent access to vetted, culturally competent therapists and counselors practicing within Orthodox neighborhoods, okClarity empowers discreet outreach for support while upholding the highest ethical standards around privacy and care tailored specifically to Orthodox needs.

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