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Symptoms of Borderline messing up relationships

Profile Photoby Chavy

I have some of the borderline personality traits. I am having a really really hard time with navigating some of my relationships bc I get…

Cleaning my room and hoarding

Profile Photoby Banana

Hi everyone! Hope all you guys are doing well. This is a really hard one so I hope someone can help. I’m trying to clean…


Profile Photoby Fay Brezel

This is the space for you to ask, discuss, and share referrals as it relates to health and wellness.  

Challenges that make eating well hard

Profile Photoby Chavy

Hi all, I'm trying to lose some weight by trying to mindfully eat healthier, but there are so many challenges especially on Shabbos (Saturday). There's…

Holistic ways to heal anxiety

Profile Photoby wise

Hi, I've heard about holistic ways to heal anxiety like One Brain, Kenisoligy, and reflexology. Can anyone share opinion or experience. Is it in addition…

Natural alternatives to anxiolytics or Benzo’s?

Profile Photoby UrbanNomad

Hi, This is my first post here. Does anyone know of any proven natural alternatives to anxiolytics or benzodiazipines?


Profile Photoby esti

I was suffering from mild depression and mild anxiety. More anxious that lead to depression. Anyway considered going for therapy but didnt have the emotional…

Extended AMA Discussion with Me 🙂

Profile Photoby barianna

Hi All! My name is Bari Mitzmann. I am a social media influencer (@barianna on Instagram) and I have a podcast called The WOV Life.…

Whats Your Dream?

Profile Photoby Suave

We all have dreams; good & bad - dark & light, but how many of us actually give voice to our dreams? Do we follow…

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