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Struggling in silence ends here. Self improvement is no longer a lonely uphill battle. Our forum community addresses topics ranging from physical and emotional health to personal development and lifestyle enhancement.

Faith and emotions

Profile Photoby OnAndonAnon

I’d love to hear how all of you deal with emotions and faith. Joy in God is easy. But what about anger at God? Or…

Dealing with difficult family members

Profile Photoby avacad0

Hi everyone! I have a family member with a very difficult personality. She is extremely powerful and shrewd. Everyone is afraid to speak up around…

Unaware of ones depression

Profile Photoby avacad0

I used to think that being depressed means that you can't function. Your entire life stops. I've learnt that there are many levels of depression.…

Comparing self to others

Profile Photoby Chavy

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but it really bothers me that I'm comparing myself to others. I'm comparing myself specifically to others that…

Living with a Mood Disorder – Advice?

Profile Photoby Sagittarius

2 years ago, I was diagnosed by one psychiatrist with a "mood disorder" and by another psychiatrist with a "smidge of bipolar disorder" (exact quote).…

How do you feel about the forum redesign?

Profile Photoby Suave

The new forums brings along tons of new features, some of which you may have already noticed, others may take time to discover - enjoy…

anxiety in the am

Profile Photoby alwaysworried

I struggle with GAD, generalized anxiety disorder. When my anxiety is bad I wake up with awful feeling in body and pit like feeling in…

Lost Piece of Heart?

Profile Photoby Wandering Jew

Dating Saga: Hello everyone. I have an interesting question/situation for the forum, but before I ask it, I would like to give some background. About…

My Battle With Inner Control

Profile Photoby avacad0

I have a demon planted deep inside It causes me such heartache, it takes me on an emotional ride It is a fierce control over…

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