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Seeking Group Home or Other Place to Live

Profile Photoby Leebi

Hi! I'm looking for some sort of place to live, preferably in the Boro Park, Kensington, Flatbush or Bensonhurst areas of Brooklyn, NY. I don't…

Borderline Personality Disorder

Profile Photoby Ahuva

Does anyone on this site have any ideas, resources for an inpatient place for someone with BPD?? Our family has tried everything - individual therapy,…

Gift giving for therapists

Profile Photoby ec00

Hi, I always wonder what is the gift giving protocol for therapists. Like I want to express my appreciation, but is it over stepping boundaries?

When to wean off a medication and how to get over stigmas

Profile Photoby anonymousp

Hi. I take medications for anxiety and for depression, as well as a mood stabilizer. 1) I'm doing well with them, so how do I…

Trauma anniversary coming up – how to get through it?

Profile Photoby I_am_okay

The anniversary of one of my most major traumas is coming up. It happened a while ago and I have worked through most of it…

I'm So Confused…

Profile Photoby BrokenPrincess

Hey, I don't know what I'm really asking here, but my mind is screaming so I feel the need to let this out. Thanks in…


Profile Photoby Hope

Hi, I'm in therapy now and have a great therapist that I like. However, I'm constantly thinking about her during the week and miss her…


Profile Photoby manonymous123

I’ve been thinking recently about trying antidepressants again. My mood is all over the place and although I’m working with an amazing therapist, I’m having…

Weight Gain on SSRI's

Profile Photoby Climber

Hi y'all. I was wondering if anyone else experienced minor weight gain after a few months of starting Zoloft. Did you find a way to…

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