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Profile Photoby Fay Brezel

Hi , For first-time users and those who get a bit tense around computers, don’t worry. You don’t have to be tech savvy to get…

Dealing with feelings of emptiness/blah

Profile Photoby Chavy

I often feel empty and I’m not sure what to do about it or with it. Sometimes I try a DBT skill and it helps…

Purim and Our "Lots" of Love

Profile Photoby loveroflife

Purim and Our "Lots" of Love Purim 2019 I think of the word "Purim" And "lots" as its meaning I take a dive inward And…

Staying upbeat when spouse is depressed

Profile Photoby anonymous

Hi all, I wonder if anyone can share any tips that helps them stay upbeat when there spouse is depressed, and how not to allow…

Mental breakdown / nervous breakdown

Profile Photoby yosp123

Hi About a little less then a year ago I had a major mental breakdown. I felt disconnected and was seeking death. I got very…


Profile Photoby shaindy

How can i overcome a very close friend for many years that turned his back on me big time over 10 years ago, most of…


Profile Photoby yosp123

I am so depressed and I feel so hopeless Is there anyone that can give me hope And a reason to live My mind was…

Extended AMA Discussion with Yaffa Palti !

Profile Photoby Yaffa

Hey everyone! So happy you all came to join me here. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Yaffa Palti (well, for…

Loving yourself despite abuse

Profile Photoby avacad0

I have a question, how in the world am I supposed to love myself when I grew up constantly being criticized and with lots of…

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