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Becky Fenton, PsyD
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Becky Fenton, PsyD's style

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Why Becky Fenton, PsyD chose to be in the helping profession

I am driven by a deep passion for supporting individuals in overcoming challenges and making a positive impact in their lives. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, I believe that working together enhances our ability to effect meaningful change.

My commitment to evidence-based practices reflects my dedication to ensuring the most effective and proven approaches are applied in my work. With this approach, I am confident in my ability to guide and support clients on their journey towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Becky Fenton, PsyD's approach

In my therapeutic approach, I seamlessly integrate proven methodologies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, psychodynamic and relational therapy, Mindfulness Training, and executive function coaching.

This eclectic blend allows me to effectively support clients facing challenges across their lifespan, encompassing areas such as navigating stressful life events, and transitions, and enhancing relationships. My goal is to guide individuals beyond roadblocks, fostering personal growth.

Central to my practice is a warm, supportive, and collaborative atmosphere. I tailor treatment to your unique needs, grounded in a foundation of evidence-based practices, notably drawing from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy, complemented by group engagement.

Together, we embark on a journey to identify specific goals and equip you with the skills and strategies necessary for implementing meaningful change. By working in this collaborative way, we aim to create a more satisfying and purposeful life, transcending challenges and unlocking your full potential.

What you can expect from sessions with Becky Fenton, PsyD

During our sessions, you can anticipate targeted treatment addressing a spectrum of challenges. This includes tackling problematic behaviors such as procrastination, insomnia, disordered eating, nand substance use, as well as navigating through troubling emotions like fear, depression, and anxiety. We'll work together to identify and reframe maladaptive thought patterns, including self-criticism and rumination. Additionally, relationship issues, whether in the context of work, family dynamics, or dating, will be addressed with a thoughtful and tailored approach.

My method involves a collaborative partnership, creating a secure and supportive space for you to undergo transformative processes. The objective is to guide you toward becoming the best version of yourself by addressing and overcoming challenges.

For parents, I offer specialized services aimed at successfully navigating the various issues that arise throughout parenthood, using Dialectical Behavior therapy and Parent Management Training. By providing effective strategies and support, I aim to help parents master the challenges inherent in parenting, allowing them to experience the joys that come with raising a family.

Becky Fenton, PsyD's experience working with the Jewish community

In my professional experience, I've had the privilege of working extensively with the Jewish community. Being a Jewish provider myself, I understand the significance of having a therapist who is well-versed in the intricacies of one's religion, considering its integral role in clients' lives. My support extends across the diverse spectrum of the Jewish faith, including working with Chasidic clients.

I am committed to providing a non-judgmental space that acknowledges and explores the intersectionality between mental wellness and religion. Recognizing the unique challenges and nuances within the Jewish community, I strive to create an environment where individuals feel understood, respected, and supported in their journey towards mental well-being within the context of their religious beliefs.

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People I work with

Children (6-12) Adolescents (13-18) Adults Elders (65+) Individuals Couples Families Groups

Jewish community experience


Licensed to work in

Florida, New Jersey, New York

Where people can see me in person

West Hempstead

20 years in practice


  • Licensed Psychologist by New York 2011. License number 018964
  • Licensed Psychologist by New Jersey 2022. License number 35SI00688200
  • Registered Telehealth Psychologist by Florida 2022. License number TPPY1466


  • PsyD by New York 2009
  • Masters in Psychology by New York 2006
  • B.A. in Psychology by New York 2003

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