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3-2-1: A simple grounding technique that you can use anywhere, anytime.

The following is a grounding technique that I use often with clients to get them to ground themselves before leaving their therapy session.This technique can be used if you are…

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Life lessons from the Dreidle

When we think of Chanukah, of course one thing that comes to mind is a Dreidel! As a kid, I used to just spin, hope for a Gimmel, and have…

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Drugs don't cause addiction. People do*.

Drugs don't cause addiction. People do*. by Mark Levine, LICDC-CS,, LICDC-CS, Life Coach

Contrary to what you might believe, it isn't substances themselves that cause addiction. It's more complicated. People in your life play a major role. Learn how.

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Finding our center in times of uncertainty; a somatic approach

Finding our center in times of uncertainty; a somatic approach by Ashley Perl, Somatic Healing Coach

Finding your center in times of uncertainty; a somatic approach. An article that explores how to feel safe, calm and grounded during difficult times.

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Will practicing mindfulness at bedtime help me fall asleep and stay asleep?

The effectiveness of incorperating mindfullness into your routine for better sleep is dependant on a few factors.While it may have positive impacts for some, it is not guarunteed to be…

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Current Events are keeping me up at night. Have I developed insomnia?

Lots of people are not sleeping well right now and as a therapist whose treats insomnia I would like to share two  tips to help you cope with sleep loss…

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