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Chani Scharf
Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill

Chani Scharf's style

🥇 Empowering 💙 Warm 👂 Listener 💡 Solution-oriented

Why Chani Scharf chose to be in the helping profession

With nearly three decades of experience in the helping field, I have a diverse background that began with my career as a Speech Language Pathologist. Over the years, I have fine-tuned my practice to focus on what I find most fulfilling: coaching. As a certified Life Coach with further specialization in ADHD coaching, I work with individuals of all ages, from teenagers to adults, with a deep passion for empowering them to succeed.

In our fast-paced and demanding world, it's all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life. That's why, drawing on my background as an SLP and my expertise in coaching, I am dedicated to supporting individuals facing challenges related to ADHD and Executive Functioning Deficits. Together, we will explore tailored strategies and techniques to help with time management, organizational skills, task initiation and completion, emotional regulation, and decision making, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life. My mission is to provide my clients with practical tools, strategies and systems so that they can navigate life and achieve their goals with renewed confidence.

Chani Scharf's approach

As your ADHD coach, we work together as a team to develop practical strategies and skills to achieve your goals and move forward. By breaking down your goals into manageable steps, we set realistic targets that align with your values, while channeling your unique strengths and creativity. I provide personalized guidance and support to help you overcome challenges and enhance your skills. Through our coaching sessions, you'll gain self-awareness, resilience, and the confidence to navigate life with more clarity and purpose. My goal is to empower you to reach your full potential and lead a more balanced, fulfilling life.

What you can expect from sessions with Chani Scharf

In our non-judgmental and productive sessions, we will collaboratively explore solutions and unlock your true potential for success. Through our work together, you'll develop deeper self-awareness to overcome the obstacles that hinder your progress. My aim is to empower you to take charge of your life and make meaningful changes that align with your goals and values. Together, we'll address challenges and implement practical strategies to foster growth. As your coach, I am dedicated to providing you with the tools and support to enable you to stay on track and meet your goals.

Chani Scharf's experience working with the Jewish community

Throughout my professional career, I have had the privilege of closely engaging with the religious Jewish community, establishing meaningful connections, and gaining valuable insights into its rich culture. My work has yielded numerous positive outcomes, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and foster personal growth. My commitment to serving this community is driven by a deep understanding of its unique needs and a passion for providing compassionate support. My heartfelt mission is to help individuals thrive in both their personal and communal lives.

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People I work with

Adolescents (13-18) Adults

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  • CPC/ AAPC by Refuah Institute 2020
  • JST Coaching and Training (Teens and College students with ADHD) by JST COACHING & TRAINING 2020
  • Speech Language Pathologist, by Hunter College, 1999,

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