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Chana Eisenstein, CPC

Coach, Certified Professional Coach, CPC

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Chana Eisenstein, CPC
The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your relationships.

Chana Eisenstein, CPC's style

🧘 Calm 🥇 Empowering 🙏 Spiritual 💡 Solution-oriented

Why Chana Eisenstein, CPC chose to be in the helping profession

I started off my professional journey as a special educator, working with children and their mothers. I saw firsthand how empowering a child's mother could make a significant difference not just for that child. It also had a positive effect on all the other children in the home and even on the marriage.

Meanwhile, I was navigating my own journey. I was keen on healing, understanding both myself and those around me, and forming genuine connections. Overcoming personal hurdles to be the best version of myself became a priority. This quest led me to explore the secrets of harmony, taking courses, conducting years of research, and putting my findings to the test. The results were pretty impressive.

With a newfound sense of contentment and inner peace, I started sharing these tools with friends, and the feedback was remarkable. This positive response motivated me to become a certified coach.

Now, my passion lies in helping women grow and find happiness and fulfillment in their relationships. It's about guiding them on their journey and being a source of support as they navigate the complexities of life.

Chana Eisenstein, CPC's approach

In my coaching philosophy, I view my clients as inherently wholesome and awesome individuals. My role is that of a facilitator, aiming to connect them with their inherent goodness, awesomeness, and inner potential. With a blend of compassion and curiosity, I listen attentively to my clients, providing them with the necessary skills and support to achieve their goals.

I employ a diverse range of transformative methods that prove highly effective in addressing both conscious and subconscious aspects of the mind, fostering healing. One of my strengths lies in the ability to discern the root causes of issues. Collaboratively, we work towards resolving these core challenges, ensuring that our efforts are not only efficient but also highly effective.

This holistic approach allows us to tackle blockages at their source, contributing to a more comprehensive and lasting transformation in the coaching process.

What you can expect from sessions with Chana Eisenstein, CPC

In our sessions, you can anticipate complete acceptance right where you are. Expect a warm blend of compassion and care throughout our time together. We'll work on building your self-belief and self-trust, equipping you with practical tools for leading a harmonious life.

We'll delve into understanding the barriers hindering your goals, and I'll provide you with tangible strategies to overcome these obstacles. By the end of our sessions, you'll walk away feeling empowered, armed with the tools to navigate whatever challenges life throws your way, and with a supportive coach who genuinely believes in your potential and is there to cheer you on.

In the process, you can look forward to experiencing genuine happiness, love, connection, and intimacy in your marriage—a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling life awaits.

Chana Eisenstein, CPC's experience working with the Jewish community

As a frum Jewish woman, I truly connect with it all. I comprehend the intricacies, the challenges, the external pressures, and of course, the moments of joy. Having lived in various different types of communities, both in and out of town, I've had the chance to immerse myself in diverse lifestyles. Over the past 15+ years, my professional journey has been centered around working with frum women from various backgrounds, encompassing different ages and stages of life.

Through these experiences, my clients have expressed their gratitude for having a frum practitioner who genuinely understands them. What resonates is the incorporation of Hashem into all aspects of our work, adding a unique and meaningful dimension to our shared journey.

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Languages spoken

English Hebrew Yiddish

People I work with

Adolescents (13-18) Adults

Personal religious affiliations


Jewish community experience


Where people can see me in person


Chateau Drive, Lakewood, New Jersey

16 years in practice


  • Masters of Science by Touro College 2001
  • Bachelors of Science by Touro College 1999


  • Certified Professional Coach by Fowler Wainwright Coaching 2012
  • Teaching Certification by BJJ 1998

What my clients have to say about working with me:

  • “My life and marriage are transformed after working with Chana. Chana is so understanding, compassionate and skilled. She just gets me. She helped me get to a place I could have only dreamed of. I only wish I would have found her earlier. I wish I could tell you all: You don’t have to stay stuck another day!”

  • “I have personally seen Mrs. Eisenstein transform many difficult Shalom Bayis situations and bring true harmony, joy, inner tranquility, understanding, love and compassion into countless homes. I have seen her work produce real results even after years of unsuccessful therapy. She has so much to offer and is passionate and completely dedicated, leading her clients towards happiness and lasting change. “

    Rabbi E.Y.
  • "Chana Eisenstein uses her experience and training to help so many women. I have personally witnessed her cleverly giving over practical steps to women to enable them to overcome their struggles and to make strides toward building themselves and their families. Chana is extremely positive, encouraging, and shares her knowledge in pinpointing challenges thus enabling her clients to break difficult past patterns in order to truly achieve the success they crave."

    Rena Marton, Veteran Kallah Teacher
  • "There were so many things that my husband did that really got to me. I felt like I had to be the mother and father of my children. I tried to show him how to do things better but it only made it worse. This all changed shortly after I met Chana. My husband is now the husband and father I dreamed of. My house is such a serene and calm place. I feel like a new person and so does my husband. Even my kids are calmer and more confident!"

    S. T.
  • "Chana’s marriage workshop was deeply transformative for me, not only in marriage but it affected many areas of my life. It all started with coming to a clearer understanding of myself, which then affected how I showed up in my relationship. In her engaging and pleasant manner, Chana guided us to redirect our inner critic (mine was so so strong!), how to practice self-care in ways that truly fill us up (now I understood why typical self-care “didn’t work”), and going deep inside to heal past experiences which were subconsciously causing frustrating blockages in current life situations (this inner work yielded visible results). And so many more practical tools and valuable skills… Even months later I use the tools I learned then, and I’m still seeing amazing results BH. I also had the privilege of private sessions with Chana. Her warmth and genuine caring, in such a non-judgmental safe space, opened me up to her advice and gentle guidance. Chana gave me powerful tools, and the encouragement I needed, to affect real lasting change. I walked out feeling empowered and supported."

    Mrs. K.

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