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Rachel Yaghobian, Ms.Ed

Coach, Ms.Ed, RMMC

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Rachel Yaghobian, Ms.Ed
Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you

Rachel Yaghobian, Ms.Ed's style

🥇 Empowering 💭 Open minded 💙 Warm 💡 Solution-oriented

Why Rachel Yaghobian, Ms.Ed chose to be in the helping profession

From as far back as I can remember, I've been drawn to kindness, compassion, and understanding. There's something about me that makes people feel at ease, and they often open up to share their thoughts and feelings. Being that anchor, support, and guide for others brings me a profound sense of fulfillment and gratitude. It's not just a job; it feels like a calling like I'm exactly where I'm meant to be when I am in the position of helping others.

Rachel Yaghobian, Ms.Ed's approach

I've always operated with a mix of a compassionate ear and a practical mindset, aiming to assist others in navigating and overcoming life's challenges. My strength lies in tuning into others, allowing them to delve deep within themselves to uncover the answers they seek. This approach has consistently proven to be highly effective, and I've witnessed significant success not just with this method but also with the other strategies I employ.

What you can expect from sessions with Rachel Yaghobian, Ms.Ed

Our sessions kick off with a dedicated focus on you—the client. We delve into what's on your mind and in your heart, unpacking whatever needs attention. Practical tools for navigating and coping become a key part of our conversation.

You can expect some role-playing and, perhaps, a bit of "homework" or mindfulness exercises to practice between sessions. This not only adds a tangible and practical aspect to our sessions but also fosters a sense of continuity and commitment to our collaborative journey. Recognizing that change is a process, I emphasize the importance of patience in making progress.

Rachel Yaghobian, Ms.Ed's experience working with the Jewish community

Over the past quarter-century, I've been actively engaged with the Jewish community worldwide. Fluent in English, Hebrew, and Spanish, I've served as a coach, kalla teacher, educator, and doula, connecting with individuals in various capacities.

In my role as a coach, I've assisted numerous high school students and young women in unpacking childhood trauma, fostering self-awareness, and navigating the challenges of growing up. Teaching kallas from diverse backgrounds, including FFB and BT, has been a rewarding experience, bridging gaps and imparting essential knowledge.

As an educator, my parenting workshops and series have proven valuable for many, offering guidance in navigating the nuances of different ages and stages in parenting.

Finally, my role as a doula has involved supporting women through the phases of infertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and lactation, providing a holistic approach to maternal care.

Rachel Yaghobian, Ms.Ed's Book Recommendation Zone

Languages spoken

English Hebrew Spanish

People I work with

Adolescents (13-18) Adults Individuals Couples Families

Jewish community experience


22 years in practice


  • Master of Education by Salisbury University 2006
  • RMMC by CORE 2022


  • JME Coaching 2021
  • Tahareinu 2020


  • PUAH Fertility 2021


  • ATIME / HUG 2018

Average costs per session

$150 - $250

Payment Methods

  • Sliding Scale
  • Free consultation
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Zelle Quick Pay
  • Venmo
  • PayPal

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