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Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

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Why Yeshaya Kraus chose to be in the helping profession

I've always been a listener. Even when I was young, I was the person whose friends would come to with their challenges. I'd put in my two cents, and they'd leave feeling better about themselves. When it came time to enter the workforce, I knew that I could make a real impact on people's lives with the right training. I got that training, and here I am. It's an amazing feeling to be able to sit with people through their struggles and see them take control of their lives in a way that gives them the best life possible.

Yeshaya Kraus's approach

I use a number of modalities when working with clients. The main focus of my work, however, is to always see a person as more than just the sum of his challenges, and as more than just someone with "problems". People are storehouses of tremendous emotional strength and power, and I try to get to know the whole person in order to tap into that strength and resilience. This often involves my clients getting to know themselves, what makes them work the way they do, and what role they play in their lives. Once we have an idea of how that works, we can start to work towards change.

This approach is very powerful in general, and especially with frum men. Frum men have many struggles that are often overlooked. There are a lot of expectations, pressures, and challenges, and it can be overwhelming even under the best of circumstances. Relationships are challenging, whether it's the one with the self, wife, family, or with Hashem. The unfortunate truth is that men often assume that they just have to soldier on, never really taking the time to make sense of themselves and where they are in life. Taking a step back, appreciating the challenges, and coming to an understanding of "what really works for me" is a gift and an opportunity to make the most of the opportunities in life.

I use this same general approach when dealing with couples and parents as well. We all deserve the chance to fully know ourselves, how we react, and why we participate in life the way we do. That understanding can give us the foundation we need to make the changes we want.

What you can expect from sessions with Yeshaya Kraus

Whether we're meeting online or in person, my sessions run for between 45 and 50 minutes. During that time, we'll talk about your experiences, whether it's something we've left off from the previous session, or something new that's come up. By the end of each session, we hope to achieve a higher degree of clarity on how you react to whatever it is that's happening in your life, and a clearer idea of how to approach it in a way that works for you.

Although therapy, by necessity, means bringing up and exploring uncomfortable feelings and situations, I strive to make our sessions a safe place to feel uncomfortable, and to meet those feelings and get to know them.

Yeshaya Kraus's experience working with the Jewish community

Being an active part of the Jewish community, I wholeheartedly connect with its unique facets and intricacies. My personal journey fuels my unwavering commitment to aiding individuals in similar life paths. With years of firsthand experience within this community, my dedication to offering personalized support runs deep.

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1414 Bay 28th St, Far Rockaway, Queens, NY 11691, USA, Queens, New York

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  • LCSW by NY 2017. License number 085279-01


  • MSW by LIU/Brooklyn 2013


  • EFT-E by ICEEFT 2019

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