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Rena Reiser

Coach, Polyvagal-informed Focusing Trainer

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Rena Reiser
“Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.” - Eugene Gendlin

Rena Reiser's style

🧘 Calm 🎯 Direct 🙏 Spiritual 👂 Listener

Why Rena Reiser chose to be in the helping profession

My journey kicks off with a tug of war within myself. A tussle between my logical and sensitive sides, my masculine and feminine aspects.

The feminine part whispers, "You're genuinely curious about people; why not become a social worker? You find peace in nature and solitude; consider living on a farm! Trust your gut, follow what resonates."

The masculine side counters, "You need to earn a living! Stick to what you're good at! Be practical! Dive into actuarial science or programming. Toughen up, keep moving forward!"

So, who emerged victorious?

For a considerable stretch, the practical side of me called the shots in every aspect of my life—work, relationships, family, choices. Across the board.

On the career front, I made the "sensible" choice and established my own computer programming business. Yes, it paid the bills, but it never felt right.

I was enduring more than just work-related hardships. My emotions were out of sync, my relationships were unsatisfying, and I suffered from physical discomfort.

My inner voice and my body attempted to communicate this to me, sometimes rather emphatically, but I struggled to tune in.

It wasn't until my body forced me to stop, thanks to a bout of mono and an introduction to the "mind-body connection," that I started to rediscover a part of me that I had left behind in childhood.

This marked a turning point.

I started listening to my own needs and responding to them. My body became a source of wisdom that I finally tuned into, and my inner child found comfort.

I embarked on a journey into somatic practices, mindful dance, and the intricacies of the nervous system. I delved into "Focusing," mindfulness, and compassion.

As my feminine side awakened, my body and soul found the equilibrium they had longed for, and they began to express themselves as they had yearned to.

However, this was just the beginning.

With this transformative shift, I started sharing my experience with other women and guiding them through a similar process.

What initially began as counseling on intuitive eating, lactation consulting, and kallah teaching has now evolved into the profound mind-body-soul work that I engage in today.

Today, I work with women one-on-one, lead workshops, and train coaches and therapists to incorporate these techniques and insights into their personal and professional lives.

Rena Reiser's approach

Are you exhausted from constantly pushing yourself through life? There's an alternative path to explore—one that's deeper, slower, and gentler.

You're a thoughtful, truth-seeking Jewish woman, and you've accumulated a wealth of knowledge. You've devoured books, worked on personal growth, and yet, you often find a significant gap between your thoughts and your feelings, between your vision and your reality, and between your aspirations and your actions.

Despite your attempts at problem-solving and pep talks, it can feel like old patterns keep resurfacing. You might think that issues like migraines or physical pain, digital or food binges, perfectionism, procrastination, and people-pleasing are blocking you from achieving your goals—whether that's growing your business, nurturing a passionate marriage, lighting Shabbos candles on time, taking care of your health through exercise and nutrition, or simply prioritizing self-care.

But what if there's a deeper, more profound story waiting to be uncovered? What if there's a softer, more feminine (and indeed, more effective) route to transformation?

It's my privilege and purpose to guide you in a gentle and compassionate exploration of your inner self—mind, body, and soul. Together, we'll delve into your internal conflicts, gain clarity about who you truly are, and create space for your deepest needs. We'll uncover what's obstructing the flow of abundance within you. The blessings are ready to pour in; let's clear the channel to welcome them.


What you can expect from sessions with Rena Reiser

Our sessions embrace an empathetic and somatic approach to transformation.

This is a safe space where we acknowledge life's challenges and understand that perfection is not our goal. Instead, genuine success arises when we can compassionately shift our habits, be free from shame, recognize the needs of those around us without judgment, and lead from a place of inner peace rather than inner chaos.

These sessions aren't about quick tips and tricks. This isn't the coaching or therapy you might have encountered before. It's a profound mind-body journey to uncover your inner resources, paving the way for lasting change.

This approach is profoundly feminine and deeply healing, embodying the essence of feminine Jewish leadership.

Rena Reiser's experience working with the Jewish community

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working exclusively within the Orthodox Jewish community. This transformative journey harmoniously integrates the timeless wisdom of the Torah with cutting-edge insights from modern neuroscience. The result is an approach that is not only practical but also deeply rooted in our sacred Mesorah (tradition).

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English Hebrew

People I work with

Adults Individuals

Personal religious affiliations


Jewish community experience


12 years in practice


  • Certified Focusing Trainer by The International Focusing Institute 2021
  • Certified Kallah Teacher by JME 2009
  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor by Intuitive Eating Pros 2015
  • Certified Life Coach by Quantum Coaching 2016


  • Menuchas Hanefesh by R’ Shaya Ostrov 2017
  • ACT & Mindfulness for Trauma by Russ Harris 2018
  • Trauma and Addiction Consultation Group by Jan Winhall 2022-23

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What my clients have to say about working with me:

  • Rena’s kind, compassionate voice has taught me to look inward, but not with a judgmental critical eye; rather, in a curious way that gives me insight and clarity. Nowadays, I am able to listen to my intuition, and be MUCH kinder to myself, because of this journey.”

  • “Rena is a highly skilled and gifted coach, who listens with clarity and perception to what’s going on with her clients. Recently I was working through a very painful situation. Rena held space for me without judgment, reflected back to me what I was experiencing and feeling, and helped open my mind to other ways of looking at the situation. She didn’t jump in and give me a solution. She allowed me to talk things out, process my pain and only towards the end of our session did she ask me if I was open to hearing another perspective. There was no urgency or rush to “fix the problem”. Working with Rena is a gift.”

  • I am completely blown away. While I consider myself to be very self-aware and mindful in general, before working with Rena, I was doubtful that I would be able to successfully follow the guidance and “tap into my inner-self.” I was quickly proven wrong. During our session, I felt a connection within that I have never felt before. I was ultimately able to suggest to myself ways to succeed in a current issue that I was working through. The experience was powerful within and beyond the session. I continue to think about the imagery and tools that I discovered during the experience, and am so grateful to Rena for helping me succeed in an area that I have been working on for a long time.”


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