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Bracha Bard-Wigdor
Bridal, Birth, Budget Educator

Bracha Bard-Wigdor's style

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Why Bracha Bard-Wigdor chose to be in the helping profession

I didn't consciously choose this profession; it feels more like destiny chose it for me. It seems I was born with a natural inclination to be an advocate. There's a story my mother loves to share about me when I was in first grade. I arrived home one day without my brand-new pair of shoes. Concerned, my mother asked where they had gone. To her surprise, I explained that a girl in my class had a big hole in the front of her shoe, so I selflessly gave her my new ones, knowing I had an old pair waiting for me at home.

From a young age, helping others seemed to be an inherent part of my journey. Whether it was supporting girls in middle school who lacked confidence or assisting high school girls struggling with eating disorders, depression, or even contemplating suicide, I was drawn to offering guidance and support. As I matured into adulthood, it became apparent that assisting women was the next logical step for me.

Shortly after getting married, I embraced the role of a Bridal Educator, sharing my knowledge and insights with soon-to-be brides. This eventually led me to become a Birth Doula, providing crucial support during the transformative process of childbirth. And then, driven by my passion for helping others, I pursued a coaching certification, further expanding my ability to make a positive impact. Now, as a licensed therapist, I have solidified my commitment to this path.

Being a listening ear has been second nature to me for as long as I can remember. Guiding and empowering others is not simply a profession I engage in; it is an integral part of who I am at my core.

Bracha Bard-Wigdor's approach

My approach as an educator, coach, and therapist is deeply rooted in goal-oriented strategies tailored to the unique needs of each individual client.

When it comes to coaching, I believe in thoroughly understanding your current situation and collaboratively identifying areas where you feel stuck or limited. By delving into your personal experiences and perspectives, I help map out the necessary shifts required for you to lead the life you desire. Together, we establish goals within the initial sessions and work diligently to achieve them. Whether it involves guiding you in cultivating healthy communication within your relationships, providing referrals and support for addressing sexual pain through medical evaluations, or teaching you how to embrace pleasure, my approach combines the provision of valuable information with emotional support. I identify the core issues and assist you in navigating any obstacles that may arise. My ideal coaching client is someone who is eager to explore their own mind, body, and sense of self and is willing to apply the mental and physical techniques learned during our sessions.

As your therapist, I employ empathy and understanding as foundational principles. My style is solution-focused, recognizing that each client brings their own unique stories, experiences, and beliefs. Acknowledging the individual strengths and challenges, I guide you in leveraging them for personal growth and improvement. I strive to create a safe and supportive space where you can openly explore your thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment. My passion lies in promoting mental health, wellness, and advocacy, empowering individuals to overcome their mental health challenges and embrace a life filled with joy and confidence. Through therapy, my aim is to help you lead a life of happiness and harmony.

I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to each client, and it is not uncommon for individuals to experience improvement in various aspects of their lives beyond their initial concerns. I encourage clients to ask difficult questions, delve into what may seem impossible, embrace vulnerability, and trust their inner intuition.

One of the most gratifying moments in my work is when we reach a closing-out session and you no longer require my assistance. It is a truly beautiful experience to witness your growth and progress alongside you. My ultimate aim is to empower you to graduate from my care, enabling you to embrace a life filled with happiness, health, and fulfillment.

Over the past 15 years, I have gained expertise in women's health and sexual wellness, earning the title of a "Sexpert." While my specialty lies in sexuality, my practice extends to assisting women and couples with various relationships and general life challenges. It is common for me to work with individuals who experience sexual pain disorders, low desire, lack of pleasure or orgasm, and more. I also provide support to those grappling with emotional intimacy issues, sexual satisfaction, and infidelity within their relationships.

Furthermore, I frequently help women navigate the complexities of infertility, IVF, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and grief. I offer guidance during pregnancy-related challenges, post-loss pregnancies, birth readiness, healing from past birth trauma, and transitioning through the postpartum period. Additionally, I work with adults dealing with anxiety, depression, and traumatic experiences, specializing in areas such as sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Ultimately, my life's mission is to equip women and couples with the knowledge and confidence needed to lead fulfilling lives. I share a wealth of free content across various social media platforms and offer workshops and courses for further exploration. Feel free to explore further on my social media pages (linked above).

What you can expect from sessions with Bracha Bard-Wigdor

In our sessions, you can anticipate tremendous personal growth and expansion. I am dedicated to equipping and empowering you with the right information, skills, and tools to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. I firmly believe in the power of knowledge and it is a guiding principle that underpins my approach.

I will meet you where you are, regardless of whether you are an individual seeking self-discovery, a couple aiming to enhance your relationship, or someone navigating personal challenges. Throughout your journey, I will provide a healthy blend of reflection, empathy, validation, and support.

I will encourage you to cultivate self-awareness and explore various avenues to understand yourself better – your wants, needs, and desires. By embarking on this exploration, you will gain valuable insights and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

Bracha Bard-Wigdor's experience working with the Jewish community

With a deep commitment to serving the Jewish Orthodox community, I have dedicated myself to the growth and success of my clients. Over the course of my career, I have amassed extensive experience as a bridal educator for 15 years, a birth doula for 12 active years, a sex and intimacy coach for 10 years, and more recently, as a licensed clinical social worker. My passion lies in promoting emotional, sexual, and mental health within our community. I have invested significant time in study and continue to learn in order to better assist and educate others.

One of the key challenges in our community is the lack of comprehensive sex education. Many individuals enter relationships and marriages with limited knowledge about sexuality. Often, their understanding of sex is shaped by friends, social media, pornography, and other inappropriate sexually explicit content readily available online.

Unfortunately, the information people receive is often non-educational at best and potentially harmful at worst. This dearth of proper sexual education affects individuals at every age and stage of life. It is my unwavering determination to bring about change in our community, one person, one couple, and one family at a time.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with Jewish individuals from various communities, backgrounds, affiliations, and levels of observance. It has been an honor to support and guide them on their journeys toward greater emotional well-being, sexual understanding, and overall mental health.

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Jewish community experience


Licensed to work in

New York

NYC, New York

10 years in practice


  • LMSW 2023


  • BSW by LIU 2021
  • MSW by LIU 2022


  • Phi Alpha Honor Society by LIU 2021
  • Sam Jones Award for Community Service 2022


  • Kallah Teacher 2008
  • Life Coach 2009
  • Birth Coach 2009
  • Domestic Violence Training 2020
  • Person-Centered-Trauma-Informed Care approach (PCTI) 2021


  • Domestic Violence Training 2021
  • Person-Centered-Trauma-Informed Care approach (PCTI) 2022

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