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Tzipora Hastings

Dietitian, RDN

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Tzipora Hastings
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Tzipora Hastings's style

🌎 Holistic 🤝 Collaborative 💡 Solution-oriented

Why Tzipora Hastings chose to be in the helping profession

From an early age, I found myself drawn to career path of helping professions. I wanted to use my captivated by my innate nurturing personality and desire to enable others to thrive and embrace their fullest potential. I had heard about what a dietitian does and something clicked. From then on, I decided this was the path I wanted to pursue and I became a registered dietitian. This choice has empowered me to make a tangible difference in people's lives, as I have the privilege of addressing one of our most fundamental needs: sustenance for survival.

Tzipora Hastings's approach

To me, nutrition is so personal! You are unique and require special attention to your needs. However, you are also not alone. There is a community of others experiencing similar challenges and I hope you can find comfort in knowing.

Nutrition is not just about weight management nourishment, but also impactful and intertwined with our mental health and overall vitality. It shapes the very core of our being, fostering holistic equilibrium and vibrant well-being.

Every day, I am inspired by the dedication my clients have towards improving their health and wellbeing. I experience great joy in hearing from you, my clients, how much your life has improved.

Together we will work through an intuitive and comprehensive approach considering your nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress, and physical activity. Consideration and care for any medical concerns will be accounted for as well.

My goal for you is that my recommendations should be sustainable and manageable yet significantly impact your life long-term.

What you can expect from sessions with Tzipora Hastings

During your initial session (60 minutes), our primary focus will be on getting to know you. We will discuss your medical history, previous experiences with dieting, daily routines and more.
We will collaboratively establish achievable goals that align with your aspirations. I will guide you towards completion step-by-step so you can experience success from the start.

Subsequent follow-up appointments, typically lasting 30 minutes, serve as checkpoints to evaluate your progress and provide ongoing support. During these sessions, we will discuss your progress with your goals and determine whether adjustments are necessary.

Tzipora Hastings's experience working with the Jewish community

My journey of working with the Jewish community has been incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. It has provided me with the unique opportunity to connect through my understanding of our culture. Being able to relate to their experiences and genuinely "get it" has allowed me to establish a strong rapport and effectively cater to their needs.

In Judaism, food holds a significant place, playing a pivotal role in cultural and religious practices. I aim to empower individuals within the Jewish community to embrace a healthful approach to enjoying the rich culinary traditions.

Languages spoken


People I work with

Adolescents (13-18) Adults

Licensed to work in


Baltimore, Maryland


  • Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics by Morgan State University


  • Certified Personal Trainer by ACE


  • Dietitian Nutrition Coaching by Tony Stephan 2022

Average costs per session

$80 - $170

Payment Methods

  • Insurance
  • Free consultation
  • Credit Card


  • BlueCross and BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • Medicare

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