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Yachet (Jackie) Junger, LMSW
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Yachet (Jackie) Junger, LMSW's style

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Why Yachet (Jackie) Junger, LMSW chose to be in the helping profession

From my earliest years, a deep-seated desire to devote my professional life to aiding others has been my guiding force. The internal debate between entering the medical field and pursuing a career in mental health lingered in my thoughts. Life unfolded its share of trials, ultimately directing me towards the path of mental health. Navigating through these experiences has fortified my commitment to this journey.

As a mental health professional, each day I have the privilege of standing beside my clients resonates profoundly with me. It's not just a job; it's a responsibility that I approach with a profound sense of purpose. The significance of being a constant presence in the lives of those seeking support is not lost on me. It's a gratifying commitment—one that I embrace wholeheartedly.

Yachet (Jackie) Junger, LMSW's approach

In the realm of therapy, my approach is a harmonious blend of warmth, humor, directness, empathy, and encouragement. I'm dedicated to cultivating an environment devoid of judgment, opting instead for a lens of curiosity and compassion when addressing various situations.

My goal is to foster a sense of empowerment within my clients, drawing on their inherent strengths and delving into the roots of the issues at hand. By addressing both the core and symptoms, I strive to facilitate a comprehensive healing process.

What you can expect from sessions with Yachet (Jackie) Junger, LMSW

Our sessions together are dynamic, adapting to the specific nature of the therapy involved—be it EMDR, sex therapy, or traditional talk therapy, and occasionally, a harmonious fusion of all three. The structure may vary, reflecting the diverse needs of each session. In essence, you can count on my unwavering presence and attentiveness to the unique requirements of every client.

Typically, our sessions encompass a mix of psychoeducation, practical tools, a touch of curiosity, and, when appropriate, a sprinkle of humor. We navigate through the layers of the past, approaching observations with directness in a compassionate and empathetic manner. Each session is a tailored experience, meticulously adjusted to meet the client precisely where they are on their journey.

Yachet (Jackie) Junger, LMSW's experience working with the Jewish community

My engagement with the Jewish community has been a lifelong journey, rooted in the fabric of my upbringing. From early on, I found myself immersed in the diverse tapestry of the Jewish community, encountering individuals from various backgrounds. This exposure fostered a profound appreciation for the beauty and distinctiveness present within our shared heritage.

My proficiency in Yiddish has been a key that unlocked doors to a world where individuals proudly preserve their native language. This linguistic connection has deepened my understanding of the cultural nuances that shape the experiences of those I work with.

On a professional level, my commitment to community service led me to volunteer at Camp Simcha and work with domestic violence shelters, experiences that provided me with insight into the unique challenges faced by individuals within the Jewish community. Over the years, my private practice has allowed me to engage with clients from diverse Jewish backgrounds, enriching my understanding of their individual journeys.

Furthermore, my association with Ani Ledodi, an organization focused on offering referrals for marital and sexual concerns within the Jewish community, reflects my dedication to addressing the multifaceted aspects of individuals' lives with sensitivity and cultural awareness.

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