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Dovid Silver, LCSW
The first step in personal growth is when a person knows his unique value and recognizes his individual strengths - Rabbeinu Yonah of Gerondi

Dovid Silver, LCSW's style

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Why Dovid Silver, LCSW chose to be in the helping profession

For several years, I taught chosson classes to help guys prepare for marriage. It gave me a clear view of the everyday struggles people face as they navigate life. Some had a hard time building a strong emotional and physical connection with their partners. Others dealt with OCD when it came to religious duties. There were those dealing with infertility and some trying to figure out how to be good parents at different stages of their kids growing up. It was pretty obvious that people needed someone to talk to about these things instead of keeping it all inside and suffering alone.

After I received my smicha, I realized what I needed to do. The best way for me to help was to get professional training. I wanted to learn the skills to guide people properly, helping them overcome the hurdles that stood in the way of them living a healthy, meaningful life. Becoming a therapist was a journey of finding my true calling – just like the journey I was helping others navigate.

Dovid Silver, LCSW's approach

In my therapeutic approach, I aim to connect with clients on their terms. I create an environment where they can truly feel heard and secure, enabling them to delve into aspects of themselves that might have previously seemed out of reach. This process empowers them to tap into their authentic selves, facilitating their journey toward achieving their personal aspirations.

I adopt a non-directive stance, allowing clients to steer their own course. This approach empowers them to gain control over their lives, shedding the chaos that often accompanies us. I hold a strong belief in the boundless potential harbored within each individual. I'm convinced that everyone possesses the capacity to take tangible steps, effecting meaningful transformations in their lives.

What you can expect from sessions with Dovid Silver, LCSW

During my sessions, clients can anticipate receiving the utmost respect they rightfully deserve. I am committed to providing them with a steadfast and reliable environment that fosters secure personal growth. My ultimate aim is to equip clients with the tools required to empower themselves, enabling them to navigate their journey without undue reliance on a therapist.

My objective is to guide clients toward self-sufficiency. I encourage them to cultivate the skills necessary to manage their own progress, rather than creating a dependence on therapeutic support. The decision to take the next step will rest entirely in the hands of the client, free from any pressure from my side.

I firmly hold the belief that clients possess an innate understanding of themselves. They are best positioned to make choices that align with their unique needs. My role is to facilitate their self-discovery journey and honor their ability to make the most fitting decisions for their own well-being.

Dovid Silver, LCSW's experience working with the Jewish community

For more than ten years, I have been engaged in professional work within the frum community. Thanks to my deep yeshiva roots, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the distinct hurdles that individuals within the frum community, whether currently practicing or not, may encounter in the context of their lifestyle.

My familiarity extends across various segments of the frum world, encompassing communities such as Chassidish, Chabad, Yeshivish, and Modern Orthodox. This exposure has equipped me with insights into the unique challenges that may arise within each of these spheres.

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