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Understanding Adlerian Therapy: Adlerian Therapy, also known as Individual Psychology, is a therapeutic approach that focuses on understanding individuals within their social context. It emphasizes the importance of exploring an individual's unique experiences, goals, and interpersonal relationships. Adlerian Therapy believes that individuals have the power to shape their lives and overcome challenges through self-awareness and personal growth. Application and Scope of Adlerian Therapy: Adlerian Therapy is utilized to address various concerns, including low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, and lifestyle changes. This approach is effective for individuals seeking insight into their behaviors, motivations, and life patterns. Adlerian Therapy's holistic view of human nature promotes a sense of belonging, empowerment, and purpose. What to Expect in Adlerian Therapy Sessions: In Adlerian Therapy sessions, you'll collaborate with a therapist to explore your life experiences, family dynamics, and personal goals. Therapists use techniques such as encouragement, interpretation, and reflection to help you gain insight into your behaviors and motivations. The therapeutic relationship focuses on understanding your unique worldview and fostering your sense of self-worth.

Professionals Who Specialize in Adlerian

Benson Fox, Life Coach

Coach, Certified Life Coach and PsyD Candidate

If you want different results, then do things differently.

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Dovid Silver, LCSW

Therapist, LCSW

The first step in personal growth is when a person knows his unique value and recognizes his individual strengths - Rabbeinu Yonah of Gerondi

  • 🧘 Calm
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  • 💭 Open minded
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