Life lessons from the Dreidle

When we think of Chanukah, of course one thing that comes to mind is a Dreidel!

As a kid, I used to just spin, hope for a Gimmel, and have fun. Now I realize there are literally endless lessons from it.

Here are a couple of thoughts: One, the spinning. In our lives, we seem to spend lots of time spinning! Busy, overwhlemed, doing a million things at once. Literally spinning! We hope HE gives us a good spin and we have a good run for a while!

But we know that eventually the spinning will stop. So  we can "cope ahead" and be mindful that we are going to land and we dont exactly know which letter we will land on. Sometimes will not be equevelnt of a Gimmle, more like a Shin.

If we land on Gimmel, i.e. we do well, are fortunate enough to enjoy good times or joy and happines, notice it! Be mindful and appreciate.

If life deals us a Nun, sort of bland, blah, maybe even a little "down", also try to mindfully notice. Validate. Tell yourself that life is not always exciting or smooth. If need be, use some emotion regulation sskills.

Shin, lots of validation. Self-talk. Ride those emotions like a surfer on surfboard. It will pass and a Gimmel will come soon.

And Hei, that's most of life, pretty good! Things arent always great, arent terrible.

Main thing is, have an amazing Chanukah and I hope things spin your way!!


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