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Therapist, Certified Sex(Porn)Addiction Therapist, CSAT

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Dina Cohen
It was like he took a knife and slashed my soul. Everything I believed about love, relationships, and our future together got twisted up into a frazzled mess that I am still tryig to untangle. -Rob W

Dina Cohen's style

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Why Dina Cohen chose to be in the helping profession

In my journey, I've come to view the act of aiding others as the highest form of service to God. To me, being part of the helping profession is akin to being a lamplighter – someone who sparks the inner light in individuals, enabling them to radiate that light to others. For me, it's not just about providing momentary solutions; it's about equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to sustain their well-being throughout a lifetime.

Our world is often overshadowed by confusion and sorrow. I've taken it upon myself to contribute to the collective effort of alleviating this darkness. By empowering individuals to be the best versions of themselves, I strive to be a beacon of positivity and change. In doing so, I hope to play a part in illuminating the path towards a brighter, more harmonious existence for everyone.

Dina Cohen's approach

In my approach to counseling, I place a profound emphasis on the transformative power of the therapeutic relationship. Regardless of the specific modalities employed, I recognize that the core of healing is often rooted in the quality of the connection between the clinician or coach and the individual seeking support. While I underscore the importance of accountability, particularly in the context of individuals grappling with addiction and their partners, a significant aspect of my work centers around dismantling shame.

To achieve this, I guide clients in exploring the underlying dynamics of maladaptive behaviors, seeking to understand the purposes these behaviors serve. My overarching goal is to foster an environment of unfiltered honesty within a compassionate framework. I believe in creating a space where clients can confront their challenges openly and authentically.

Beyond the confines of our sessions, I extend my guidance to help clients weave this compassionate mindset into their everyday lives. I find resonance with the IITAP model by Patrick Carnes, frequently utilizing its principles to provide a structured and effective framework for the transformative journey toward self-discovery and healing.

What you can expect from sessions with Dina Cohen

Our initial session serves as a foundation for building rapport, emphasizing the importance of establishing trust and comfort. I acknowledge the significance of you feeling a sense of trust and connection with me, and this introductory meeting is designed to create a space that feels like compassionate small talk—a starting point for our collaborative journey.

Sessions are conducted virtually and typically span 60 minutes. I recommend weekly sessions to maintain a consistent and supportive therapeutic rhythm. In cases involving couples, it's not uncommon for some sessions to be individual, ensuring that the unique needs of each person are addressed. This may involve alternating between joint sessions and individual meetings, with each partner having the opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with me every week. This tailored approach allows for a comprehensive exploration of both collective and individual aspects of the therapeutic process.

Dina Cohen's experience working with the Jewish community

A significant portion of my professional experience involves working closely with members of the Jewish community. Within this diverse landscape, I've had the privilege of engaging with clients who span a spectrum of observance levels, each bringing their unique perspectives and practices.

My approach recognizes and respects the rich tapestry of Jewish traditions and beliefs. I am attuned to the varying degrees of observance among my clients, understanding that each individual's journey is deeply personal. Whether clients are more devout or less observant, I tailor my support to align with their cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

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Toronto, Canada

8 years in practice


  • Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) by International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals 2016


  • Master's of Arts in Psychological Evaluation by New York University 1997

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$200 - $250

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