Bracha Kopstick

Dietitian, RD

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Why Bracha Kopstick chose to be in the helping profession

I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in adolescent nutrition. In my practice I focus on a variety of issues tailored to the individual with the end goal of helping adolescents have a good relationship with food and their body-long term.

I assist clients (parents and/or adolescents) to recognize their problematic beliefs and behaviors around eating. With education around inaccurate information, and a process of building trust around food using Division of Responsibility/Eating Competence and Intuitive Eating skills, I help clients feel confident nourishing themselves and/or their children.

I believe my clients are their own best resource and that nutrition counseling is most effective when a client is open to recognizing issues and willing to implement change.

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Languages spoken


People I work with

Children (6-12) Adolescents (13-18)

Personal religious affiliations


Jewish community experience


toronto, Canada


  • Registered Dietitian by CDO 2015. License number 14277


  • BASc Nutrition & Food by Ryerson University 2012

Payment Methods

  • Sliding Scale
  • Free consultation
  • Credit Card

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