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ASK Fay: How can I help my daughter with her career?

My daughter is X a strong student. She needed P3 & got a local diploma. Seminary is hard, got some credits. College will be hard, maybe too hard. Is there s/o who can help her figure out what career is right for her? Life coach/guidance counselor? She wants to succeed in her career.

Yes! And I love that you're asking this question because it shows that you are such a good mom! Academics is such a tiny fraction of what contributes to a healthy happy and successful career and unfortunately not enough young students know that.

To have a mom who believes in her daughter and doesn't just force her to follow the herd into college and/or into spaces where she will constantly be battling her weaknesses versus honoring her strengths is a blessing.

Now to answer your question directly.

Both a guidance counselor as in a therapist or a life coach can be extremely helpful in helping your daughter understand her strengths and explore opportunities which she will excel in.

Regardless of which type of professional you choose (coach or therapist) you want to make sure that they specialize in career counseling, as this means they will know which kind of assessments they use to understand your daughters current state of personality/strengths/ weaknesses.

Below I will link to all the coaches on the OKclarity platform who specialize in career counseling. If you'd like to go the therapist route or if you'd like more handholding in narrowing down your options - complete the Match Me form on our site and we'll guide you further.

Hope this helps and I'm rooting for you and your daughter!

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