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Holiday Guide for the Highly Sensitive Individual

Holiday Guide for the Highly Sensitive Individual by Ashley Perl, Somatic Healing Coach

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Ashley Perl

Coach, Somatic Healing Coach

Empowerment through self-healing

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  • rkohn 27 Sep 2023

    Ashley, thank you so so much for talking about this! I always look forward to holidays, but once it comes, as an HSP empath, the lack of routine, eating schedule, lack of sleep, and too much social can lead to shut down. The hard part about the holidays is knowing what I need to get back to balance, but not necessarily being able to give it to myself because of the demands of the holiday. Thank you for mentioning the part about food that doesn’t sit well. I’ve learned to be OK with people commenting about my choices of food at the meals, which usually exclude the meat. I’d love if you can talk more about the challenges of an HSP in the frum world.

  • Ashley Perl 27 Sep 2023

    Rkohn - I'm so glad this resonated with you. As an HPS Empath myself, I totally understand how the shift in schedule, routines, etc during holidays can reallllly impact us before, during and even after the holiday itself. It sounds like you have beautiful awareness and have made progress in terms of being OK with the boundaries you're setting and not letting the opinions of others get to you. Celebrating that big time with you!! As far as challenges of HSP in the frum world, I'd be curious to know what YOU feel the biggest challenges are? I'd be happy to create some trainings supporting the specifics. Feel free to message me through the okclarity portal or email me directly.

  • rkohn 28 Sep 2023

    Thank you Ashley for being open to having more conversations like these! I find simchos to be overwhelming especially since they usually go way past bedtime, the loud music, lights, social etc shopping How to deal with post holiday/simchos ‘hangover’. It personally takes me a good day or two to get back to myself Pre-and post difficult or uncomfortable conversations-it can take up a lot of headspace sometimes for days I’d also be curious if anyone struggles with vacations or change of scenery? Although very much needed at times, recuperation can take a while. Im currently training in high sensory coaching and hope to bring more awareness and support to the frum community.

  • Ashley Perl 03 Oct 2023

    Thanks for expanding further, RKohn! Your intuition is spot here -- for highly sensitive people, anything like changes of routine, scenery and just being around other energies can take a BIG TOLL, and getting back to our own energy can take time (days, like you said!) So amazing that you're trying in high sensory coaching to bring more awareness and support to the frum community. A lot of my interest has been similar. I can share that the most helpful things I have found -- having a regular energy clearing practice (breathwork is a game changer for me, epsom salt baths, dance), setting strong boundaries, being mindful of my schedule (trying to give myself time/space after big events for recoup time), and then probably the most impactful has been my healing work within somatic and internal family systems work. Because of this, I no longer have to overextend myself or break boundaries with myself to please others. I was able to work through years of unprocessed junk in my system (often emotions of others, to be honest) and that has helped me feel way more balanced in life in general. Hope this is helpful, AND it sounds like you are doing such an incredible job. If you'd like more support in a 1:1 setting, don't hesitate to reach out :)

  • rkohn 04 Oct 2023

    Thank you Ashley for those helpful ideas! I will definitely reach out for 1:1 when needed.

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