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Raizel Schusterman

Coach, Licensed Life Coach

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Raizel Schusterman
People don't care what you know, until they know that you care!

Raizel Schusterman's style

🎯 Direct πŸ’™ Warm πŸ‘‚ Listener πŸ’‘ Solution-oriented

Why Raizel Schusterman chose to be in the helping profession

As a community leader and a Chabad shlucha I have observed, dealt with, and worked with many people who were struggling to find direction, purpose, and meaning in their life.

I found that I was spending many hours on the phone speaking with others who were seeking advice and direction and through my attentiveness, they were healing. I realized that this was something I was naturally good at and I decided it was something I wanted to be doing more of. This led me to complete a Positive Psychology coaching program which allowed me to continue helping others in a systemized, skilled, and professional manner.

Raizel Schusterman's approach

A fundamental principle in the positive coaching approach is that through probing questions, an attentive ear, and the theories of Positive Psychology, the client will realize that they have the power, the ability, the strength, and the self-efficacy to overcome challenges.

Positive coaching is different from therapy. One of the core differences is that as a coach I am asking what’s next, and where to go from here, rather than what happened in the past.

The idea is that while everyone has the tools within themselves to flourish, oftentimes, they cannot see or access them. With a positive psychology-based life coaching approach the client gains tools that help them tap into their inner strength, wisdom, and wonder.

What you can expect from sessions with Raizel Schusterman

You can expect me to show up with respect, kindness, and empathy and be completely present with you. I will listen attentively and help you gain the clarity you are seeking. Each session will begin with you, the client sharing the agenda or goal for our session and what it is you hope to walk away from the session with. Each session will end with the client sharing what they are taking away from our time together, as well as an action step that they are committed to since accountability is an important piece of this process.

Raizel Schusterman's experience working with the Jewish community

My experience as a coach is coupled with being a Chabad Shlucha for over 22 years, as well as a teacher, and a mother of 7 beautiful children. I have been working with the frum and secular community for over 20 years and as a positive psychology-based life coach for the past 4 years. I am familiar with the challenges of everyday life and my passion is in helping my clients gain clarity and pave a way forward so they can live a wholesome and fulfilled life. In addition I am currently producing a wonderful podcast on the topic of mental health - A positive podcast.

Languages spoken

English Hebrew Yiddish

People I work with

Adults Elders (65+) Individuals

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Jewish community experience


Where people can see me in person


4 years in practice


  • Applied Positive Psychology Coach Certification by The Flourishing Center 2021


  • Certificate In Applied Positive Psychology by The Flourishing Center 11-26-2019

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