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Joshua Pearl

Therapist, PhD, Psychologist

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Joshua Pearl
Psychotherapy is sought not primarily for enlightenment about the unchangeable past but because of dissatisfaction with the present and a desire to better the future. –Milton H. Erickson

Joshua Pearl's style

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Why Joshua Pearl chose to be in the helping profession

Helping amazing people reach their full potential is the fullest realization I have found of my own potential. And, what is more, it is incredibly enjoyable to spend one's time having in-depth conversations with fascinating people about complex emotional problems.

Joshua Pearl's approach

I specialize in working with adults of all ages, and I’m especially interested in working with those who feel that, somehow, they are more than what they have become (in their relationships, work, school, or passions). In our work together, I aim to provide a calm and nurturing space where we can hear your story, with all of its struggles and triumphs, the way it should be told. Many people find this refreshing in and of itself; they may never have been listened to, or listened to themselves, in quite this way ever before. By truly listening to what you have to say – and digging deeper, beyond the surface of what has been said – we can find out what has been holding you back. And what is more, we can create an inflection point in your story, and in your life, from which a new trajectory can begin. In a sense, I have devoted my career to the study of how these inflection points can be created. Again and again, I’ve seen my clients take decisive steps forward when they emerge from the confusion in which they are stuck and begin to form a clear picture of themselves and their situations.

In my experience, I’ve found that the most fertile ground for the cultivation of these inflection points are the places where the story “breaks down” – the discontinuities, if you will. I am highly skilled at listening for these discontinuities and can guide you in looking into them more deeply.

On a personal level, I’m deeply committed to the process of psychotherapy. There is always more to learn, I find, about the mysterious inner workings of how and why people alter their life-trajectories for the better. I hope you have found this introduction helpful, and that I have the chance to learn something from you as well.

What you can expect from sessions with Joshua Pearl

I've never had a therapy session with myself, so I can't tell you exactly what it's like, but this testimonial from a real client may give you an idea:

"I found Dr Pearl as I was reading through profiles of the therapists in my network. His sentence about being interested in working with people who felt they were more than what they had become resonated with me deeply and I made my first appointment over a year ago. Eversince, he has cared about my well-being and has continued to be there for me to guide me, help me dare to change my situation, get out of my comfort zone. He has been asking crucial questions that would give me courage I forgot I had in me. He would suggest options I didn't think of at all, or I was opinionated about. However, he would offer his view in a very gentle manner that would just strike me later on as an excellent idea that I'd use to move from a deadend street. I have had a rollercoaster of a year, but I feel that with his guidance I have been able to get to this point where I am getting off a sickening train ride and I am about to watch a sunrise."

Joshua Pearl's experience working with the Jewish community

I have spent most of my life in the secular Jewish community, but over the course of my career in psychology, I've become much more familiar with the frum community. In my experience, I have found the Jewish people to possess introspection, outspokenness, humor, and inquisitiveness, and while I would not claim that the Jews have a monopoly on these desirable characteristics, I think that they may exhibit a certain manifestation of them with which I personally identify.

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928 Broadway Suite 1105A New York, NY 10010, NYC, New York


  • Psychologist. License number 68-P113788-02


  • PhD in Clinical Psychology by Adelphi University

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