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Coach, Specializing in ADHD. (AACC, ACC)

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Esther Rosenberg
Treasure your unique gifts and use them to succeed!

Esther Rosenberg's style

👂 Listener

Why Esther Rosenberg chose to be in the helping profession

Although I've dabbled in many fields (graphics, layout and design...), I always come back to my passion of helping people. I love connecting with people and partnering with them to be the best selves they can be.

Esther Rosenberg's approach

I am a life coach, certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) who also specializes in ADHD coaching. I trained on the advanced level at ADDCA (ADD Coaching Academy), an accredited school which is known as the gold-standard in training ADHD coaches.
I work mostly with women of all ages, partnering with them to reach their goals using their unique strengths, talents, interests, and brain wiring.
Sessions are usually via phone or Zoom, so although I live in NY, location is irrelevant.
My objective is to make my clients feel heard, never judged, and to taste the sweetness of success in all areas of their lives.

What you can expect from sessions with Esther Rosenberg

Being heard.
Feelings of empowerment.
Organized thoughts.
Celebration of success.

Esther Rosenberg's experience working with the Jewish community

I have been a parent coach through Toshia/Eitzah. I was also Involved in several support groups (mental health, children at risk...)and I worked as a special activities counselor at HASC Dayhab program. Currently, I am involved in Oorah outreach as a learning partner with several women.
Additionally, I teach a weekly Torah class to women.

Languages spoken

English Hebrew Yiddish

People I work with


Personal religious affiliations


Jewish community experience


Licensed to work in

New York

Where people can see me in person

Lakewood, Brooklyn

3 years in practice


  • AACC by ADDCA 2022
  • ACC by ICF 2022

Average costs per session

USD75 - USD100

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check
  • ACH Bank Transfer

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