Shaina Keren

Coach, MsEd, CCC

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Shaina Keren
"Happiness At Work... putting your Strengths to Work for You"

Why I chose to be in the helping profession

Do you wonder if this is it? All you were meant to do? All those ideas, talents, abilities, and yet you still don’t feel like your job comes close to fulfilling your potential on this planet?

Are you even in the right field?

Are you worth more than you're currently earning?

You chose this field because you loved it, but now wonder why you're feeling burnt out?

Is it worth the time and money to go back to school? Who knows if that will be the right choice?

These are the kinds of questions we answer.
The solutions can and will change your life.

Rockport Institute Certified, Masters of Education, Student of Life, and Believer In You, I help my clients go from question to answer, ensuring that all the pieces of your life ‘work’ together, creating a career roadmap to happiness at work.


  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Person-Centered
  • Positive Psychology
  • Strength-Based


  • Career Issues

Languages spoken

English Hebrew

People I work with

Preteens Adolescents Adults Individuals Groups

Personal religious affiliations


Jewish community experience


427 North Main Street, Spring Valley, NY, USA

2 years in practice


Career Coach Certification by Rockport Institute 2017
MsEd by Mercy College 2009
B.S by Mercy College 2008

Average costs per session


Payment Methods

  • Free consultation
  • Credit Card

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