Decoding Anxiety: 5 Physical Symptoms and How to Overcome Them with Malka Katzenstein, Coach

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1-1 Breakthrough Session

You will be cleansed, healed, and blown away from your new insight after our session. Access a deeper level of yourself to reach incredulous joy and a satisfyingly soothing, rich,…

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Professionals Who Specialize in Logotherapy

Rikki Ash

Coach, Master of Science, MS

Suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning -Viktor Frankl

  • 💙 Warm
  • 🌎 Holistic
  • 🙏 Spiritual
  • 👂 Listener

Mordy Lyss, LCMFT, CHT

Therapist, Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist

Therapy should not be theory-driven, but relationship-driven. - Irvin Yalom

  • 🎯 Direct
  • 💙 Warm
  • 😃 Humorous
  • 👂 Listener

Sarah Yoffe, Certified Life Coach

Coach, Addiction recovery, Trauma Mind Body and Soul

Learn skills and tools today for a better tomorrow.

  • 🙌 Affirming
  • 🥇 Empowering
  • 💭 Open minded
  • 🙏 Spiritual

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