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Understanding Psychological Testing and Evaluation: Psychological Testing and Evaluation is a process that involves the use of standardized assessments and tools to gain insights into an individual's cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. These assessments are administered by trained professionals and are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual's psychological well-being, strengths, and areas of concern. Application and Scope of Psychological Testing and Evaluation: Psychological Testing and Evaluation is applied across various settings, including clinical psychology, education, and forensic psychology. It's used to assess a wide range of concerns, such as learning disabilities, mental health disorders, personality traits, and cognitive abilities. Psychological testing is relevant for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. What to Expect in Psychological Testing and Evaluation Sessions: In Psychological Testing and Evaluation sessions, individuals work with a trained psychologist or evaluator who administers a battery of assessments tailored to the specific concerns or questions at hand. These assessments may include standardized tests, interviews, observations, and questionnaires. The results are used to formulate a comprehensive understanding of the individual's psychological profile, leading to appropriate interventions or recommendations.

Professionals Who Specialize in Psychological Testing and Evaluation

Zipa Leah Scheinberg

Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, EMDR, SIFI

Healing from C-PTSD is a Soulful Journey of Recovery

  • 🥇 Empowering
  • 🎯 Direct
  • 💙 Warm
  • 😃 Humorous

Dr. Chaya Rubin

Therapist, Ph.D.

  • 💭 Open minded
  • 💙 Warm
  • 👂 Listener

Yitzchok Wagshul, Ph.D.

Therapist, Doctor of Psychology, Ph.D

Therapy is a work of heart.

  • 🧘 Calm
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  • 💙 Warm
  • 👂 Listener

Penina Pultman

Psychiatric Medication Provider, DMSC, PA-C

With you every step of the way

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  • 🌎 Holistic
  • 💡 Solution-oriented

Frimi Faye Walkenfeld

Therapist, PhD

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