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Stacey Shapiro, LCSW

Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

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Stacey Shapiro, LCSW
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Stacey Shapiro, LCSW's style

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Why Stacey Shapiro, LCSW chose to be in the helping profession

My journey into the helping profession began in my teenage years when a mental health therapist provided crucial support for both me and my family. That experience planted a seed in me, inspiring a desire to extend a helping hand to others facing their own challenges. When I entered college, I explored different majors related to helping professions and found a genuine connection with Social Work.

What drew me to Social Work was its inclusive approach. It didn't just focus on the individual; it considered the impact of the environment on a person's well-being and behavior. I appreciated that it looked beyond personal issues to understand how external factors could also play a role.

Choosing Social Work meant embracing a perspective that acknowledges the interconnectedness between personal struggles and the world around us. It wasn't just about addressing someone's immediate problems but understanding the influence of their surroundings on their mental and emotional state.

In essence, my decision to pursue a career in Social Work reflects a belief in a more comprehensive approach to healing. It's about not only helping individuals cope with their challenges but also recognizing and addressing the broader factors in their lives that contribute to their well-being.

Stacey Shapiro, LCSW's approach

In my approach to therapy, I adopt an integrative method that considers all facets of an individual, encompassing the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and energetic dimensions. My focus extends beyond isolated aspects, aiming to understand the complete person within the context of their environment. This holistic perspective informs my strategy, as I strive to develop practical and targeted interventions to directly address the reasons for bringing you into therapy. It's not just about managing issues on the surface but often delving deeper to facilitate resolution and a comprehensive sense of well-being.

What you can expect from sessions with Stacey Shapiro, LCSW

In our sessions, you can anticipate a direct, collaborative, down-to-earth approach. I bring an intuitive perspective and possess the ability to swiftly grasp the bigger picture of your situation. Our interactions will encompass a range of emotions – we may share laughter and tears as we gradually build a meaningful therapeutic relationship over time. I firmly believe that this connection is paramount for the healing process, recognizing that our ability to heal is intricately tied to our connections with others.

I specialize in working with children aged 6 and above, teenagers, young adults, and adults dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, transitions, or trauma. Drawing upon my 25 years of experience, I have amassed a diverse set of techniques that extend beyond traditional talk therapy. Given my focus on trauma, I understand that certain aspects of our experiences are lodged in both the right part of the brain and our bodies.

Incorporating various therapeutic modalities like brainspotting, Energy Psychology techniques, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Clinical EFT, my aim is to disentangle these embodied sensations. By doing so, we can facilitate a shift in cognitions (thoughts) when emotions are triggered in the present moment. This approach contrasts with a sole reliance on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which can be challenging to implement when the body is overwhelmed with sensations. The techniques I employ are designed to address the mind-body connection, allowing for a more comprehensive and effective therapeutic experience.

Stacey Shapiro, LCSW's experience working with the Jewish community

My familiarity with the Jewish community is deeply rooted in my personal experiences as a member of the Jewish faith, where I have engaged with Judaism across a spectrum of denominations, including Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Jewish Renewal, Chassidic, and Orthodox traditions. This diverse exposure has enriched my understanding of the multifaceted aspects of Jewish identity.

Professionally, I've had the privilege of working with numerous Jewish clients, as well as collaborating with fellow Jewish therapists in therapeutic sessions. These interactions have allowed me to appreciate the nuanced ways in which individuals express and navigate their Jewish identity within the therapeutic context.

Moreover, as a co-founder of Kesher Shalom Projects, our mission involves providing educational resources to both therapists and the broader community. Our focus encompasses crucial topics such as antisemitism, grounding techniques, trauma, and self-regulation. Through this initiative, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and strengths within the Jewish community, contributing to a more informed and supportive therapeutic environment.

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Languages spoken


People I work with

Children (6-12) Adolescents (13-18) Adults Elders (65+) Individuals Couples Families

Personal religious affiliations


Jewish community experience


Licensed to work in

Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Where people can see me in person


25 years in practice


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker by LCSW 2023. License number CW014535


  • Master of Social Work by Rutgers 1999


  • Brainspotting 2023


  • Play Therapy 2005

Average costs per session

$200 - $250

Payment Methods

  • Insurance
  • Sliding Scale
  • Free consultation
  • Credit Card
  • ACH Bank Transfer


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What my clients have to say about working with me:

  • “As a colleague of Stacey Shapiro, I highly recommend her to any individual, couple or family seeking therapy. Stacey is not only highly knowledgeable in her field, but she is extremely compassionate, kind, caring and approachable. She always goes the ‘extra mile’ for all of her patients and colleagues. She is always determined to help her patients succeed in therapy, and wants what is best for her patients at all times. Stacey frequently attends continuing education courses in her field so that she can be up to date on the latest treatments and treatment modalities. Stacey is a team player, and I enjoy working with her and sharing mutual patients.” Lisa Berkowitz M.S.N., C.R.N.P. Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

  • “I was fortunate enough to have had Stacey as an instructor for 3 semesters in grad school within my play therapy certificate program. I learned more about child development, trauma, and mindfulness from her than in any psych of social work course. I use what she’s taught me in my clinical work and personal life; I especially love to integrate mindfulness-based techniques to those I supervise. She taught me 2013-2015 but she has remained an amazing professional resource ever since. Her teaching has a positive ripple effect on future helping professionals.” Kayla L., LCSW, CCM, CTMH Social Work Leader, Healthcare & Higher Education

  • “Stacey is an awesome licensed play therapist clinician! Stacey’s techniques and methods allow clients to fully process their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in ways that have long-lasting positive effects.” Earnest Wyatt Holy Family University, Psy.D. Student

  • Stacey is a wonderful Therapist I have learned so much from her and I would highly recommend her! She has been compassionate and thoughtful and I have gained so much from my time with her


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