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Chaya Juravel

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Why Chaya Juravel chose to be in the helping profession

I started my career as a Speech Language Pathologist and quickly learned that there is a lot more to communication than the delivery of a message. My aspirations of having close relationships as a wife and mother led me to become a relationship coach; and now, I have developed my own unique approach based on my 10+ years of experience helping couples achieve personal and marital happiness. I have created an organization called Go4Harmony. Go4Harmony provides lectures for women to increase emotional awareness and intelligence, to help women in their roles as wives and mothers. Go4harmony offers 3 different Teleconferences: a teleconference for girls in shidduchim, kallahs, and newly married women, a marriage teleconference, and a parenting teleconference. In each, I help people develop a secure attachment style and become happier and healthier people.
I also coach men, and women individually and couples to help them navigate any relationship challenges both in their marriages and and as parents. I offer premarital coaching as well to single girls and boys.

Chaya Juravel's approach

I can work with you to help you enhance your marriage or to save a struggling marriage. I have been successful where conventional methods have failed. I can help one spouse save their marriage even without the participation of the other spouse. I have a very positive, strength based, realistic approach. My first goals are to help you becomes the healthiest version of yourself, to increase your self compassion and self love which increases your emotional energy so you have what it takes to invest in your relationships. My next goal is to figure out how both you and your spouse or child can get their needs met. I help to create a culture of compassion and understanding in every relationship while creating internal and external boundaries. I create an individualized plan to bring out your relationship’s best. I believe every person is innately healthy and has the capacity to handle life’s ups and downs. You can be successful!

What you can expect from sessions with Chaya Juravel

There is a lot of information out there that is very idealistic -it sounds good but doesn’t work. I will help you figure out what works for you and your life. You will learn how to accept and love yourself and your life. You will get the support that you need to help you navigate your difficulties. You will learn skills that will help you get your emotional needs met and cultivate successful relationships. I will help you be safe and healthy, and make the best choices for yourself and your family.

Chaya Juravel's experience working with the Jewish community

I began relationship coaching in 2012. I opened up my organization Go4Harmony in 2017 in which I began giving lectures to women. I am often recommended my therapists, kallah teachers, rabbanim and batei dinim. In 2018 a group of Lakewood rabbanim started Byachad a non for profit organization to endorse Go4Harmony’s services. I have saved many marriages and helped many parents have better relationships with their children. I also have helped singles know what to look out for, and have realistic expectations and start their relationships right. The frum world has been infiltrated by non Jewish hashkafos that have been widely accepted and are wreaking havoc in our relationships with the people closest to us. Some of the messages that are anti Torah Hashkafa create a culture of selfishness, labeling, judgment, and criticism in our relationships. Go4Harmony attempts to counter that, and replace those messages to create a culture of Emunah and Bitachon, self-compassion, compassion for others, awareness of both our own emotional needs and those of our family members.


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Chaya Juravel's experience working with the Jewish community


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Life Coaching school- 60 ICF (international coaching federation)credits by Torah Psychology school of coaching and counseling
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