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Chaya Juravel

Why I chose to be in the helping profession

Chaya started off her career as a Speech Language Pathologist. What she learned was that there is a lot more to communication than the delivery of a message. Her aspirations of having close relationships as a wife and mother led her to become a relationship coach. She has now developed her own unique approach based on her 10+ years of experience helping couples achieve personal and marital happiness. The Go4Harmony approach combines Torah wisdom, psychology and Chaya’s experience of what works, to effectively navigate marital, emotional health and parenting challenges. Go4harmony offers 3 different Teleconferences, a teleconference for girls in shidduchim, kallahs, and newly married women, a marriage teleconference, and a parenting teleconference. Chaya helps women develop a secure attachment style and become happier healthier people. With the support of the Go4harmony chat, a wonderful group of women who are on the journey along with you, women are empowered to become their best selves. To listen to free classes text the word Go4harmony to (877) 660-4066. For more information call the Go4harmony hotline at 646-787-1900, press option 4 or email [email protected]

She also runs a full time career as a relationship coach. She coaches, men and women, and couples. Her priority is her client's emotional health and emotional and physical safety. She has extensive knowledge regarding mental illness and her broad perspective creates success were other conventional methods have failed. She is recommended by rabbanim, therapists, batei dinim, and kallah teachers. Her compassionate, empathetic and realistic approach makes her easy to talk to and creates a healing experience. All her services are provided anonymously, to protect her clients need for privacy.


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Brooklyn, NY, USA


Speech Language Pathologist , by , ,


Life Coaching school- 60 ICF (international coaching federation)credits by Torah Psychology school of coaching and counseling
Master of Speech Sciences , by , ,

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