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For thousands of years, scholars have written about Judaism at great length. With our accessible format and casual articles, we’ll try to put a fresh spin on some of these ideas so you can apply and appreciate more spirituality in everyday life.

Chanukah 2018 Guilt Free

8 Steps to a Binge & Guilt Free Chanukah

Disclaimer: This article is not intended for those who struggle with eating disorders, or disordered eating thoughts and behaviors. If you identify as someone who struggles with an eating disorder, please disregard these tips and be as good to yourself as you can.  You ate way too much on Rosh Hashana. Then again on Succos. Two months later, you finally…

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Peaceful Sabbath Preparation

7 DIY Ways to Beat Anxiety On Shabbat

Holy Shabbat. Ironically, Shabbat, the day we look forward to all week, often turns out to be the day we experience the most anxiety, restlessness, and irritability. Unfortunately, anxiety on Shabbat is a real thing. With a forced break from our phones, internet, and the hustle bustle of daily life, our minds are less distracted and there's suddenly ample time for…

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