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Are you not as healthy as you wish you were? Do you have the body type of an etrog but want to look like a lulav? While we certainly emphasize self love and acceptance, we’ll also supply you with health insights, and food & exercise switchups to help you rejuvenate yourself at any age.

Chanukah 2018 Guilt Free

8 Steps to a Binge & Guilt Free Chanukah

Disclaimer: This article is not intended for those who struggle with eating disorders, or disordered eating thoughts and behaviors. If you identify as someone who struggles with an eating disorder, please disregard these tips and be as good to yourself as you can.  You ate way too much on Rosh Hashana. Then again on Succos. Two months later, you finally…

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5 Tips For A Healthier Morning Routine

5 Tips for a Healthier Morning Routine

Mornings are hard- like, really hard. And for most of us, they typically begin with immediately grabbing our phones, scrolling through social media, reading through e-mails, etc etc. Basically, we are starting our day by filling our minds with loads of useless stressors. It’s these unhealthy habits that cause us to have such slow and monotonous mornings, which ultimately make…

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