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  • Alyssa Mairanz wrote a new post 4 months ago

    10 Ways to Kick Rejection to the Curb

    Rejection is a natural part of life. Everyone will experience it in some form. You may face rejection when applying for schools, at the office, in friendship, and on the dating scene.

    That feeling of rejection is often so emotionally…

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    • Thank you so much for the insightful article! Greatly appreciate it.

    • I think this is so great. People are quick to assume that their life is just some string of failures, without realizing that life continues in-between these moments, or learning how to make the best of the situation. We have to leave ourselves some margin for error otherwise we’ll never be able to grow out of this mentality.

    • What a great read!
      I totally agree with your 6th point that we’re too often looking for “proof” of our flaws when we read into our past mistakes. And how this cements the idea that we are, ourselves, failures, convincing ourselves that our efforts were all for nothing; that it didn’t matter anyway if we tried or not.
      So thank you for writing this article and reminding us that this simply isn’t true.

    • This is great! Rejection is a part of life and the only way to put yourself out there and try out for new opportunities is to not be afraid of it. Not taking it personally, and learning from our experiences, is the best way for all of us to keep improving and keep moving forward. Great work!

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