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Chana Schlesinger
Where focus goes energy flows, and where energy flows whatever your focusing on grows.

Chana Schlesinger's style

ūüí° Solution-oriented ūü•á Empowering ūüĒ• Energetic ūüź£ Out of the box

Why Chana Schlesinger chose to be in the helping profession

As a young kid, I placed a strong value on helping others. I can remember feeling amazed when I was able to lift someone's mood with my words and help them shift in mindset or perspective. As I got older, I realized that my ability to use my words was a gift and one that I could use to help others find and connect to the gifts in their life. As a young adult, I pursued coaching as a career as it gave me the permission to go all in on this gift, get coached, and learn how to be an even more effective coach and group facilitator. After witnessing firsthand how the process of coaching transformed my life and the lives of those I've worked with, nothing inspires me more than sharing the gift of coaching with the world.

Chana Schlesinger's approach

I am super passionate about empowering my clients to reach their true potential and find meaning in every situation. By using a variety of modalities, I help my clients reach their goals through an ICF coaching model, introspection, and a proper perspective. I view my clients as creative and a whole resource. I help them realize that what lives between them and their goals are their thoughts and feelings also known as a mindset. Together, I will help you find the courage to adjust mindsets that need adjusting and take action to help you ignite the change you desire. As a coach, you can count on me to hold a high energy and to help you live in this energy where we discover solutions for identified problems and actualize your goals. I strongly believe that "where focus goes energy flows". Therefore, I will partner with you in directing our creative focus toward actualization.

What you can expect from sessions with Chana Schlesinger

With loads of positive energy and a direct style, you can expect change to happen quickly. My clients typically feel a sense of clarity of direction after one session and that feeling and vision become more crystalized with each following session. I encourage you in a nurturing and loving way, have a knack for finding humor in intense situations, and I am great at helping you zoom out to see the bigger picture. With a strong love for humanity, I truly see the genius in every person and I help you recognize it and cherish it in yourself. My clients pick up on my sincerity and feel safe and willing to open up about the challenges they are dealing with, as I help my clients separate from an issue so it does not define them in any way. By changing their negative beliefs we work together to create the life of their dreams. I define coaching as tapping into the water well that lies in each of us, bringing to the fore the answers and talents already within.

Chana Schlesinger's experience working with the Jewish community

As an Orthodox frum Jew, I understand the sometimes difficult transitions that are part of women's lives as they transition from elementary school to high school to seminary to shidduchim, and eventually to marriage and beyond. While I am able to coach individuals across communities, I have a strong passion to help those who are connected to this infrastructure and want to work with someone similar. Someone who shares many of their values, someone who can more fully understand them, and someone who is trained to partner, coach, and cheerlead them as they define and reach their goals.


  • Coaching
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Strength-Based
  • Subconscious Reconditioning Method
  • Tapping & Emotional Freedom Technique


  • Body image
  • Burnout
  • Career Issues
  • Codependency
  • Emotion regulation
  • Existential crisis & challenges
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Life coaching
  • Life purpose and meaning
  • Performance anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Social anxiety
  • Social Skills

Languages spoken

English Yiddish

People I work with

Children (6-12) Adolescents (13-18) Adults Groups Individuals

Personal religious affiliations

Frum open minded

Chana Schlesinger's experience working with the Jewish community

  • In-Person Sessions
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Phone Sessions

3 years in practice


Foundations of Professional coaching by ADLER-Faculty of Professional coaching July 2020
Moving towards Artful Coaching by ADLER-Faculty of Professional Coaching December 2020
Coaching Conversations in the Context of Work by ADLER-Faculty of Professional Coaching July 2020
CoachPro Trained Coach by Devory Silberman, PCC President, CoachPro Academy April 2022
Think Good/Viktor Frankl Life Coaching Program by Torah Psychology school of Coaching and Counseling October 2020
Subconscious Reconditioning Method by AICIA CRAMER C.H.T, M.MSC June 2022

Average costs per session

$100 - $150

Payment Methods

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  • Check
  • Free consultation
  • Sliding Scale
  • ACH Bank Transfer

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