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Healthy Food

In Pursuit of Thinness: It’s Not About the Food

Adele recently went for lunch with some friends and all they could talk about were diets they were starting tomorrow, diets that started last week, and all the weight that needed to be lost. This was after the party she attended during which party goers actively avoided desserts because they were watching their weight, eyeing the sweet table all night.…

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Heart Balloons For Dating

A Dating Guide: 3 Ways to Transform Your Dating Experience

There are probably thousands of articles written about the dating experience in both the shidduch and non-shidduch worlds. Though there are many variances between them, one thing is certainly universal - dating is hard. It’s hard to have patience, weather rejection, not get discouraged when the process becomes longer than anticipated. Dating: A Tool   The most empowering action we…

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Helping Clients Fail Forward Through Disclosure

Your Therapist is Human Too

Therapy is all about self-disclosure – it's all about the client disclosing their personal struggles and weaknesses to their therapist, right? Wrong! It’s not that simple anymore. Ron Taffel, PhD, shares how the recent shift to the majority of therapy clients being millennials has led him to question, “Really, as a therapist, how open am I supposed to be?” Millennials…

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What Your Therapist Wishes You Knew About Therapy

When clients finally decide to take the somewhat daunting first step to see a therapist, they may have expectations or assumptions about what therapy is or what it is not. This list will hopefully dispel some of the many myths or misconceptions and educate clients about what therapists do and what therapy is about. Therapy is an investment, and it…

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Husband's PPD Guide

But why is she crying? Husband’s Guide to PPD

Mazel tov! It’s a baby! All those weeks of preparation, shopping, cleaning, nesting are now behind you, not to mention the nine months of nausea, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s all in the past, and the future is a baby-hued halo of cuddles, laughs, and tiny socks. But what if it’s not? What if the niggling anxiety of pregnancy has taken…

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